The strike zone

Was very high, wide, and low tonight. I thought their pitchers got lots of calls. I thought our pitchers pitched to a normal strike zone. If we get the same strike zone tomorrow we need to adjust better. 16 strikeouts and still win tells you how good our pitchers were. Great win hogs. Now come out blasting tomorrow night and let’s end this thing.

I agree. The ump was not consistent on the outside calls.

I thought he had a very good strike zone other than he could not call the back door breaking ball. Several of those were up and off the plate

I agree that the strike zone was inconsistent and a little larger than it should have been… But I’d have to say that we got the benefit of many of the same calls that they did… Just the way I saw it…

I agree. He was not consistent for both teams. I scratched my head on quite a few.

I liked that he called the low strike. I thought a couple were a bit too low, like the 3-0 to Koch. But he walked on the next pitch.

He called strikes and brought back at least two Hog hitters tonight on what should have been ball 4 pitches - one the low one you mentioned and the other I recall a pitch high out of the zone. I didn’t see terrible inconsistency either way, but just another ump making up the strike zone to suit himself.