The streak

The first Isaiah Joe three gave Arkansas a made 3-pointer in 999 consecutive games. The Razorbacks will go for 1,000 at South Carolina.

You’re gonna jinx them

This streak gets mentioned almost every game. Is it one of the longest ones in the country, or is it a pretty routine figure?

I wanna say we are 3rd or 4th. Not a lot of teams have done it. I believe last weekend they mentioned someone 900+ streak ending. I may be wrong, but I think it was mentioned

It is tied for the fourth-longest active streak with Western Kentucky. The teams with longer streaks are UNLV (1,060), Vanderbilt (1,053) and Duke (1,042).

Kentucky had a streak of 1,047 games - the nation’s longest at the time - snapped during its NCAA Tournament win over Davidson last season. It was the first time Kentucky did not make a three in a game since 1988.

Arkansas has made a 3-pointer every game since Jan. 11, 1989.

I no longer care if we win or lose now…just keep jacking threes until we hit one! :wink: 1,000 is a great number! Keep that streak alive!

Takes almost 30 years to hit a 3 in 1000 games straight.
That’s a long streak any way you look at it.

Actually, just barely over 30 years . . .

I do want the hogs to continue the streak of making a 3 in a game but I do care about winning in the process. The hogs need to add more sharp shooters like Joe! I’d settle for 10 for the team tomorrow in Columbia, SC.