The still standing OL and Storey on his back

Most of the complaints surrounding this catastrophe of a football game has been about the defense, and rightly so. However, my most vivid memory of this game was one offensive play in the 2nd half. Storey was on the ground surrounded by at least 5 defensive players 8 yards behind the line of scrimmage. The TV showed a wide shot of that play, including the line of scrimmage, where you could see 5 Arkansas OL (maybe 4 and a TE?) standing upright watching what had happened to Ty.

Yes, it was an all out blitz, but every one of our O linemen whiffed on his protection. I didn’t notice if anyone bothered to go back and help up Storey. If we are going to suspend the 2 DBs, there should be 4 or 5 offensive linemen that should join them.

The offensive line was owned Saturday, which I figured might happen because Mississippi State has so many good players on its defensive front. Still, some of the film was downright bad. Check out this play. O’Grady, Wallace, Gibson and Clary were all whipped simultaneously.

Oh my, Gibson had his manhood taken from him on that play. The others got beat with speed and footwork, but Gibson might not recover from that.

Gipson IMO is awful,he either is so weak its ridiculous or he don’t give a rip…Capps is much better run blocker and can’t do any worse in pass blocking.OL needs to eat steel for every meal this offseason and get some strength in them.

I noted the line of scrimmage difference in my story right after the game. Can’t win if you don’t win in trenches. Never happens.

That was a beatdown of bad proportions

Good yoga moves