The Spring Roster

A few observations of the Spring Roster:

  1. It is very neat and very generic. By that I mean all areas are listed the same. All offensive linemen are OL. All secondary players are DB. This makes it harder to see possible position switches and probably shows where the coaches are in giving all players equal shots and putting them into positions with the highest probability of success. I like it.
  2. Deon Edwards and Maleek Barkley are the only players I noticed that had perceivable position changes. We knew about Barkley from WR to RB, but Edwards from DB to LB was new to me. I believe the Malone and Bell moves to DL were already known. Now that I think of it D’Vone McClure is listed at LB and I think he came here as a WR. Anyone?
  3. There are tons of failed LBs and DBs on the roster, which is in stark contrast to the perception of those positions having been thin in talent. Perhaps the biggest challenge for this coaching staff is making this bunch earn the amount of space it takes up on the roster. If they can’t then it represents a lot of recruiting mis-reads by the previous staff. A LOT!
  4. I believe CCM has to be thrilled by the amount of skilled position talent with which he has to work. WR and RB are loaded and TE has two of the best potential players on the roster in Cheyenne O’Grady and Jeremy Patton. It would be a shame to see this talent wasted with questionable offensive line and QB play like it was last year. It sounds like this new offense requires O-Linemen to hold their blocks for shorter periods, this group’s Achiles Heal, and a QB that can read, react and get rid of the ball quicker. It sounds encouraging.
    I love all of this. It is the most enjoyable and interesting part of having a new coaching staff. Everyone has a new slate and new sets of eyes evaluating them. Now who will take advantage of it? All excuses have been erased and it is put up or shut up time for the players who have failed in the past. Sadly it is a very long list.

I thought McClure decided not to play anymore?

Where can I find the Spring Roster?

When you see linebacker listed as the position, that might be actually a nickel back. That’s what they call the outside linebacker/nickel now. Kevin Richardson is going to play Sam linebacker. That’s where they sub in the nickel. So it’s not really a new spot. Edwards is playing that spot.

The UA is starting to fix the roster. It may be entirely ready to view later today. … ng2018.pdf