The Slimball game Auburn vs Kansas

2 programs that are in the cross crosshairs of the FBI scandal are playing! I wish there was a way both could loose. I guess-the game may end up being vacated no matter who wins.
But is funny watching Bill Self getting pasted and behind big.

Good possibility of that.

Bill Self has an appointment in court. I wonder if he will plead the 5th or leave court and drink a 5th? Either way I don’t think there’s any chance of him telling the truth. Play the tape!

I asked an attorney if a witness (Bill Self, Will Wade, Sean Miller) could plead the Fifth to avoid testifying to something that isn’t illegal but would get him fired. The answer is no. Drink a fifth? Very possible. But if he lies to save his job, that IS illegal.

I hope BOTH coaches and teams get nailed. But sadly, the NCAA won’t do a thing.

I know I’m in the extreme minority, but I actually like Bruce Pearl. Yeah, so he’s been in the NCAA’s crosshairs several times, but he wins everywhere he goes and he’s extremely passionate about the game. He’s also always complementary of us when we play them and his kids always seem to love playing for him.

So we run a nice, clean program and what do we have to show for it in the past 20 years? Not much… not that I’m trying to condone cheating but in the current climate of college basketball, what we’re currently doing obviously isn’t working.

I liked Bruce when he was the coach of Tennessee. Since I live in Tennessee I saw a lot of him on TV and in the media. Came across as a great guy. His true identity was revealed when he lied to the NCAA. And it was a dumb lie over a fairly small infraction.

Currently there are a number of coaches that wish they had taken Mike’s route. Starting with Wade there will be guys out of the coaching and the big bucks for some time if not forever. Whatever happens to Mike he will walk away with his good name and millions (either coaching or sitting at home). Not a bad deal.

Don’t like our finish this year and I want to go back to the glory years. But to sell out our integrity to do it is not something I cannot support.

Just because so many are dirty does not mean it’s okay for Arkansas. But I get the “win at all cost” deal. I do.