The sky is falling

not really.

It sucks and it’s hard to swallow, but the season isn’t close to over and this team can overcome.

What we’ve seen so far is a team for the first 9 games skate by on being more athletic than the other team. And the last two teams could match that athleticism and we got beat. We haven’t come close to reaching our full potential.

It is a long season, but things can turn around in a flash.

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What I see is us giving up 23 points in the last 5 minutes, that is certainly not a recipe for success. :grimacing:



I’m just not ready to panic yet.

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There is one more game before the SEC season starts. The clock starts for real then with wins and losses for tournament ranking, not that the OU and Hofstra losses won’t be seen as insignificant. The time to start playing as a coherent team is last week, not in March. Not in panic mode, just resetting expectations.

Maybe Muss should spend less time on social media and more time coaching


Time will tell. Maybe OU and Hofstra will have big seasons. Hofstra took Houston to OT and the Iona loss is understandable. The SEC has some teams with problems just as bad as ours. Missouri, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida and Ole Miss aren’t world beaters now. Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama seem to be the ones to beat, but they have had some poor performances too.

If this is the best this team can do against a second tier team on a home court after a week of “training camp”, I’m concerned. There is no Moses Moody this year, clearly no fire in the belly yet, and none of the portal players are contributing consistently much less dominating. As much as I’d like to believe this team is Elite 8 material, they have a long way to go and frankly they’re looking pretty weak with the SEC schedule fast approaching.


It want the home court but it was pathetic! I think you could put some 50 year olds out there that could hustle as much as the hogs did tonight. They coast for 3/4 of the game and try to play like crazy to catch up. It cost them tonight. When they learn what a good shot is and how to play solid defense for 40 minutes they can win some games until then there could be a few more repeat performances.
Cut a lead to 2 or 3 points gain possession only to throw up a brick or turn the ball over that’s the term.
Lykes is a blink form a TO or a miracle shot every time he touches the ball.
I don’t know enough about the game compared to Muss but I would guess he will watch a lot of tape and make changes.

God, I hope so. Can’t get much worse than this embarrassment tonite.

I understand the premise.

But if we don’t panic a little after losing at home to a .500 Hofstra, when dose one panic?

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It’s OK to panic a little right now. I sure hope Muss is. Tonite was REALLY BAD.

Lack of shooting and D have been consistent with this team. Not a winning combo.

May have to limit the three and focus on the dribble and drive, scoring in the paint and midrange game.

If anyone can piece everything together, Muss can.


We’ve been talking about the Muss Bus. Well, don’t put these guys on a bus to anymore games, ever. I don’t know whether they flew to Tulsa and Little Rock or were bussed, but since it is within bus distance, that’s my reason for the two losses and I’m sticking to it.


This team has a long way to go. They are very average defensively, have no real
dependable shooters on the team which makes the half court offense very unreliable.
The one thing it does have going for it is the first seven or eight games in the SEC are not brutal.I don’t expect us to beat Mississippi State in the very first game on the road but we can hang with the next several teams, hopefully we can win a good majority of those,get some confidence because right now we are not very good basketball team we are going to have to learn how to win again.

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Social media helped the coaching staff get commitments from two 5-star, top-10 (in the nation) players for next season.

Don’t discount the importance of social media in recruiting.


When you live by the portal you can die by the portal. This team is playing like a group of individuals who all thing their legit NBA first round draft picks. I agree now is not the time to panic. Miss can get the problems fixed. But if he doesn’t, we could be like Kentucky last season.


Very true about this team,I mentioned a couple weeks ago you have four or five guys used to being the main man, it’s tough to share when you haven’t been used to it…they will have to learn to for this team to reach expectations

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That will be hard to do against zones. I expect all but the most stubborn teams to play zone against us until we can prove we can shoot the 3. I really don’t remember a decent tournament team in the last 20 that can’t shoot the 3 at average, much less shoot period.

Basketball is simple sometimes…get an open shot, make it.


Need to limit unforced turnovers, just unbelievable unforced turnovers at key momentum moments. And improve shooting from everywhere. The D is pretend to D.

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Nailed it.