The Skipper Holtz

I’m not saying he’s my guy and we should go hire him, but I am curious what people think of him.He’s got plenty of HC experience, most of it positive, and he knows the lay of the land at Arkansas. Maybe not a home run hire, but probably not a strikeout either. Solid is the word that comes to mind when I think of him. Could The Skipper right the ship at Arkansas?

not for me

I would take him and I believe he could get us out of the ditch. He would not be a sexy hire but he would get us back to 6-7 wins.

Not interested in another interim coach & coaching buyout. There are better candidates.

He’s a solid head coach and has done a nice job recruiting east Texas at Louisiana Tech.

Has a winning record as a college HC

Has beaten a P5 team before

All of which makes him light years of Morris

I want petrino back!

I sure wouldn’t mind having BP back as QB coach and OC, but I don’t believe he has the recruiting chops to get us out of the ditch he drove us into. He can tweek the engine but I don’t want him steering the bike. With or without a shapely passenger.

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I could settle with Skip Holtz. He’s proven he can win. He’s not #1 on my short list, but would certainly be an upgrade considering the current situation.

Holtz would be a good solid hire. He could recruit Louisiana, Texas, Ark,Okla. We have played his teams twice and honestly we were very fortunate we beat him those 2 games.

Honestly I don’t remember much about BPs recruiting other than to say he won games. As it stands we’ve had two coaches (Bb and now) who are on paper solid recruiters but can’t win games. I’ll take a coach who wins games all day and count on that bringing players in vs the other.

We are going to need to rely on Hunter Yurachek to do his job. He has shown himself to be a good AD thus far in his time here at the University. I feel pretty confident he will find a really good coach for the football program if he is allowed to terminate Morris.

He did not win enough games at his last job to keep it. The talent level at Arkansas had dropped considerably by CBB’s first year on The Hill. He disdains recruiting and now has plenty of money in the bank. IMHO CBP can not get us all the way out of that ditch.

Good point! At this point I’ll take anything. I did love his passion for the game.

Not going to ever happen!

I was thinking of him as I watched Memphis and SMU last night. Not impressed with Memphis defense, would get killed in SEC.

If his kicker could have made a field goal, Skip Holtz’s East Carolina team would have beaten Mallett and company in the Liberty Bowl a few years ago.

Two years of Skip Holtz and we would be the same place we are now, last in the SEC.

And how do you base this on?

I would love to have Skip as our HC. Good recruiter, players play above their own level for him, well prepared (like his father) and most of all he is cool as a cucumber, doesn’t seem to rattle under pressure. I remember the bowl game mentioned above and Skip was shown on TV comforting the kicker who missed the winning field goal. He was showing real care for the young man.

We could do much worse, but I’m not sure he’s who we’d want. I don’t know what the personal issues with Norvell are, but I think he’d be my first choice. However, that ship might have sailed. He’s got a good shot at other jobs. Tennessee maybe next year. FSU perhaps. Plus, we don’t know what else opens up. I know we’re SEC & can pay a lot of money, but I’m not convinced we can hire a really hot commodity right now.