The SJS loss and recruiting

How does a really bad loss like this effect recruiting? Yes CCM is a good recruiter and knows how to build relationships. But bad losses like this and anther potential 0-8 SEC record must effect the recruits. Doesn’t matter how well liked a coach is if he can’t turn recruiting into wins.

Recruits can overlook struggles in year one and chalk it up to transitioning from one coach to another, but year two you need to see some progress and hope. As of now, you see neither.

If a recruit is drawn to a school based on the coaching staff and he believes that coaching staff’s longevity is threatened, then it may give him pause about continuing his commitment. Right now, I would think that several members of the current staff are in that category.

Well we found out about recruits dropping out…

Maybe coach ccm needs to dance a few more jigs…I wonder if coach Saban dances little jigs… after a big win over his warm up games? I thought that the sun set in coach ccm be hind, that was my feelings about him, but now I don’t know…

I don’t believe with this current 2020 crop that Arkansas would lose any recruits whether they are 0-8, 1-7 or 2-6.

Might loses a few, but the ones that are going to stay with them will do so because they want to play right away.

Jamie Vance was apparently out the door before the loss. If you want to stay home and go to Tulane instead of play at an SEC school, I’m not sure you could have done anything to change that.

Doubt that 0-8 SEC record would cost CCM his job at the end of yr 2. However, blowout losses & non-competitive play, & no signs of improvement might sway HY to pull the plug.

If we additionally have mass de-commits, transfers out, & recruiting trails off, HY would have no choice but to recognize that year 3 is hopeless with the current staff & change is needed to stop the bleeding.

Again, I could be wrong, but I just don’t see “mass de-commits” after being around and talking to the recruits.

I think some of them understand the situation better than we do.

Tennessee is crumbling from the players entering the transfer portal mid-season. We haven’t seen that. Doesn’t mean we won’t see it, but it’s not just recruits we have to worry about abandoning the Hogs.

Hogs made ESPN’s bottom 10 list, pushing out Vanderbilt and Tennessee. When your program becomes the butt end of jokes, then the coach is definitely walking on thin ice. No AD wants to see that kind of negative publicity.

And that same site (ESPN) has us listed above both in its conference power rankings. Go figure

That’s what I thought when I read bikehog23’s post. Two writers with two different opinions.

Yeah, I know it upsets Dudley, but Trump is right when it comes to the mainstream media, and Disney/ABC/ESPN all have conflicting opinions about the same thing they report as factual news.

And if you didn’t know they are all owned by the same company

Oh I know. Disney is taking over the world.

Bottom 10 is about jokes. I mean, they have Michigan in the Bottom 10 this week. Doesn’t mean they are the worst 10 teams in the nation, only that they are the teams that continue to miss the ball when it is on the tee. Hogs loss is like leading by 5 going into the 18th hole on Sunday and losing.

Curious on why you would think that “upsets” me and why politics was just dropped in on a board that prohibits that?

You have talking heads, hacks and journalists. There is a big difference between the 3.

You’ve said before that people like to blame the media because of what Trump said. He was right about that particular issue.

And one of the mods already told me not to post “political” statements the day I posted it.