The SEC tournament format

The hogs lost one ball game to a LSU team that has lost one game! The same can be said about Texas A&M and Ole Miss. what a joke!

Really no other way to do it and most all conference tournaments are set up same way!

That is the reason the regular-season championship is the one that means most.

As much as I hate losing, especially to LSU, we went 2-1 in the SECT. We went in as a likely top 8 seed. If there was any doubt it was erased with our wins. We didn’t waste pitchers & didn’t get too tired. We’ve been on the road for over a week.

Now we can go home, rest, & see who comes to Baum next weekend for the regional. I hope we have the Friday-Sun regional, not a Thurs-Sat regional. We could use the extra day. One advantage to losing today is that we don’t have to play tomorrow. Both teams tomorow will have played at least 5 games in this tournament. We only played 3.

It’s crazy to debate the format of the tournament when you are eliminated. Everybody knew the rules going in, so you have to play it the way it is. If the tournament didn’t bring in money, then I’d just as soon have another regular-season SEC series.

I don’t think the fact we were eliminated disqualifies us from debating the tournament format. I think it sucks. I thought so last week & had we won it, I’d still think it sucks. However, you’re right about why they have the tournament: money. For the SEC, I think that’s a lousy reason. An extra series for each team would bring in money, too. Of course, it’d go to the schools, not the SEC itself. However, this conference is full of money. It could afford a smaller tournament or have a single elimination tournament with all 14 teams. Single elimination is tough in baseball, but this tournament already has it to some extent.

I think the format is always debatable. I’m just not going to cry over the fact that LSU is still playing with a tournament loss and we’re not. We knew the format going in. That said, I agree if the SEC really wants to help its student/athletes, this format isn’t helping. Too many tired arms having to throw in a short period. I know Arkansas could sure enjoy the receipts from another home series in late May. If the SEC has to have a cut, maybe they could demand half the gate in replace of not having a tournament. I doubt that’d work, but I’m not sold on the need for a tournament.

You sure made a few valid points! But nothing makes the format fair. Single elimaintion and forget it! As time goes on I’m learning to hate LSU almost as much as I hate Texas!
I’ve also learned to totally hate the SEC commissioner and all of his assistants.
The announcers were blowing about Watson before he hit the homer. And then he did! What makes me so mad is the 2-1 pitch was a strike. It was called a strike on Bonfield. I went back and watched the replay! If the count is 2-2 instead of 3-1 that matters!
We swing at pitches that are going to hit us, we swing at pitches that aren’t in the strike zone and we took pitches right down broadway!
How many long fly balls did we hit and how line drives did we hit? The upper cut swing on every pitch is getting old!

yep. Agree with that.