The SEC sponsors 21 sports

And Arkansas won 9 of them this year…And we don’t even have teams in two (equestrian and men’s swimming).

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and we still don’t get the recognition because they are all"minor sports"as compared to football and basketball…my opinion

Basketball will happen soon, Everyone in SEC football get ready. Saban can’t coach forever and when he retires, I think that CSM will have a very competitive team. I can see the swagger of winning spreading through Hog athletics. Just keep winning.

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Saban can’t coach forever, but he can probably coach as long as Sam can. That dude is fit.

Who knows how NickSaban will coach? Until he retires,. Bama will win a notional championship every other year. That leaves very few opportunities for the rest of the SEC.

I hope that CSP can still be coaching when Saban retires. By then, we should have a winning culture and the ability to win a SEC championship.

There is an SEC all-sports trophy. Florida won it 12 straight years until A&M won it in 2019. I suspect we’ll win it this year.

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