The SEC programs we want to be like

Would fire Big Boy tomorrow and if Long won’t do it then show him the door too. Our program is a joke and anyone who thinks it will be better next year has a serious mental deficit.

No doubt - a coach with his horrific record in his 5th year with a performance like this against a Sunbelt flunkie would be fired at Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Tennessee, etc.

Correct, it will not be better.

The downhill trend with this team is like nothing we’ve seen in a long time.

Today was tough.

Homecoming, with a stadium with way too many open seats, on top of a disasterous performance against a rent a win team.

But some think we can run the table? In what world…

Anyone in top ten of conference would be nice this year.

Wonder if we could beat Arkansas State?

Maybe you did not realize this but ASU beat Coastal Carolina 52-17 earlier this year. Uhm…what do you think?

If this question is being asked by sensible level headed people- and it is - then it’s obvious the program has hit rock bottom and change is needed.