The SEC pitcher of the year

Brady Singer might not have to wait too very long to start making travel plans. It looks like Texas Tech has ended his night early after 6 innngs and 93 pitches giving up 5 runs. He also acted like a 2 year old when he got to dugout slamming his glove on the bench! Singer is a spoiled brat.

dude you got a special mic into the FL dugout, Singer came out to he 7th. Strongly emotional kid who knows the gators depend on him. Normal reaction to me especially for a kid who cares about his team and how he performed compared to expectations. Awful analysis

Singer is a high strung competitor & puts a lot on himself like good competitors do when things aren’t going there way. That’s also what drives them to success.

We have a similar one in Mr Knight.

Singer is an arrogant spoiled brat! Slamming his glove is what he does when things don’t go his way. That wasn’t the first time he’s done it!