The SEC Network

I’m troubled this eve. Why in the world do I subscribe (via Comcast) to the SEC Network?

My team is playing tonight, against a top 20 RPI team, in the Aggies (the announcers keep saying this) great atmosphere of Blue Bell park…(I think they’re near Houston Texas, right, and I’m parked here just outside of Atlanta GA…adequately large viewing audiences). And, the SEC Network is showing…er, nothing.

Oh well, time to move on with the technology.

Some of the SEC Network folks only really know where Alabama is located in football,
Kentucky in basketball and LSU in baseball. They pretty much stink!

Apparently they’re going to jump around from game to game tonight instead of showing one game and sticking to it. Everybody tonight is on SECN+, AKA online streaming.

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Your subscription to SEC Network gets you access to every SEC game we play, along with all non-conference games in Fayetteville. Just have to stream it online, but that’s easy to do now.

You can purchase an Apple TV console (or HDMI adapter for a smartphone) and watch them all on your television.

Don’t even have to buy something as expensive as an Apple TV

You can get a Roku stick for about $40

I understand that some people live in areas where the internet speed is poor, but most have access to high-speed internet now. Where that is the case, streaming devices are essential to a sports fan’s viewer experience now and will be even more so moving forward.

What, you don’t watch 13 women’s softball games a week?