The SEC goes down without a whimper...

Kentucky loses to Kansas State. A+M gets smoked by Michigan. The SEC has no teams past the Sweet 16. What does that mean? I think it means we are a better than we were, but that is about it. I think it is more about the individual program than the SEC. Kentucky is clearly the best basketball program in the SEC…then there are a bunch of schools trying to get into the conversation. There is a lot of parity in the SEC, once you get past Kentucky. Kentucky may have blown it, but they did win the SEC Tournament this year. Alabama, Arkansas, Missouri, Auburn, Florida, Mississippi State, Texas A+M, Tennessee…all those teams and maybe others are locked in a battle to challenge Kentucky in the SEC next year. We can challenge…if Daniel Gafford returns. If not, back to the pack.

I think it says we have a number of solid top 15-40 type teams, but our elite teams are not ELITE.

I think that’s probably correct. However, I can’t say I shed any tears seeing Kentucky go down.

Me too, I love to see the corrupt go down in flames.

Auburn at full strength would have been a tough out for anyone in the tournament. But they were never the same team after McLemore tore up his knee.

And Loyola and KSU are elite teams? You could rewind the tournament and get a completely different EE. People act like there was some sort of inevitably that the genius of Bruce Weber and the implacable will of Sister Jean would clash for a chance at the FF. Another #9 seed FSU is in the EE. They lost three of their last four games before the tourney by double digits.

I in no way can feel sorry for Kentucky, I live in Northern, KY and you have no idea how arrogant and entitled their fans here are.
I’m hoping that the bloom has finally falling from the rose on Coach Calipari getting the #1 recruiting class most years. They didn’t have it this year and doesn’t appear they will have the #1 class next year either.
Hopefully kids are getting tired of his act, which all he does all year is talk about how young they are in order to setup the excuse for not winning a National Championship, which by the way he has only done once with all the talent he has recruited during his tenure at UK.
He continually through them under the bus news conferences before, halftime and postgame when they don’t win or barely seek out a victory.
He had to settle for a few guys in this years clas because the elite guys turned him down and went to Arizona, Texas and Duke.
I for one hope this is a continuing trend for future classes.

Go Hogs!

Not surprised at all that KY lost last night. I almost expected it. I did not see that hiding Michigan gave A$M last night coming though. Poor Aggies really caught a wolverine by the tail. How could they look so good against the Heels, and look so bad last night?

The point about the SEC not having an elite team is pretty well defined by the results… a lot of good teams in the conference that bust up on each other in season and then go quietly into the NCAA night. Can’t be happier that Cal failed to reach the EE.

I think this happened to Big 12 last year. Basketball gods have a way of humbling people.