The Seat

Is warming up

No doubt. It just got hot and deservedly so. I finally understand the Wisconsin complaints about time management that he started in the 2nd quarter. This has the be the worst half of football I’ve ever watched

Not even remotely warm. Long gave CBB a nice fat extension with a massive buy out after a 7-6 finish 2 years ago.

Get used to 7 and 8 wins a year


The seat is white hot.

This is Year 4 of the Bielema era and these repeated second half collapses are becoming an expectation.

The seat isn’t even lukewarm. You hear Long today on Bo’s show? Here’s the description from the podcast:

“Arkansas AD Jeff Long sits down with Bo prior to the Belk Bowl to discuss his thoughts on the season. Long asserts you can’t argue Bielema is a quality coach and is confident things are heading in the right direction.”

Hoot did better and was pushed out.

Win in 17 or it is time for a change

Semantics. You bet his seat is hot if you consider fan unrest. For the next 8 months the natives will be on the war path. The talking heads will give fans a week or so to vent, then they will start talking down to us. The party line will be delayed, but wont disappear.

BUT, as far as Jeff Long is concerned, B B is safe. So he ain’t goin nowhere. No hot seat, if you mean he’s endangered of firing.

Being on the hot seat is a process, not an event or status.

Each time you lose more fans, it is an event that feeds into the process.