The schools that were involved in the FBI investigation

Louisville, Arizona, Creighton, Kansas, NC State, Oklahoma State, South Carolina, TCU, USC, LSU, Auburn, and Alabama.

No doubt these dudes paid players…not sure about South Carolina but who knows.

So they paid players, agents, runners, aau coach’s and or family. They did this to get an advantage to win games. We can look at it now and see that it didn’t pay off for most of the list above.

Creighton, USC and Alabama are the only teams left in the tourney today. I don’t think Nate Oats was involved in the cheating so I kind of give them a pass.

What’s truly sad is that some assistant coach’s went to jail and none of them will ever coach in college again. I will never believe that their head coach’s weren’t involved. The assistants took the fall and now their careers are ruined. I’m surprised that none of these coach’s rolled on their head coach.

Will this change any of these programs to start doing things the right way? I have my doubts. What makes me happy is you see lots of teams in the sweet 16 that(imo) don’t cheat to win. I would bet my favorite gap wedge that Oral Roberts is not paying players.

Every time I see LSU and Kansas I tend to get ill. Bill Self has been made out to be the best coach in the game at times. Lots of us on here complained about FB botching the hire to get him here. Dude is a flat out snake in the grass. He has bought and paid for so many players that its almost comical.

Will Wade the american gangsta is such a tool. I was so happy when those dudes lost last night. They did something in pregame to piss off Howard. He comes out from the locker room beating his chest and had his guys ready to go. Ironically if LSU played defense like they did against us they may have won. I’m glad they lost!

No doubt Smart was paid. Watford, Warford however you spell his name was bought and paid for and so was Cam. I would almost bet my house Days got a bag also. What did Will Wade gain from this? A bad reputation and a first round win. Is it really worth it? And why in the world do they let Smart roll his shorts under looking like he’s wearing panties? Its ok to wear panties but don’t you dare have on an under shirt that doesn’t match your jersey.

Anyway I was just bored and thought I would rant a little…hope everyone has a sweet 16 type of day!


He must have only paid $1.99 plus tax for the bunch that played last night. The way that team played, it couldn’t have beaten a rec league team.


Excelllent post razorblack…

I agree with everything other than the gap wedge. Mine are all in permanent time out.


That’s the only club I can hit straight right now LD.

I would pay good money for someone to teach me how to put my driver in bounds…lol



I would like to think Clay could offer some tips!


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Can add anything to that Razor. Spot on.
If there was ever a team that took on the identity of a Coach in very bad way it’s LSU. So glad their taunting of other teams has backfired in their face.

The Hogs have took on the identity of their Coach in the best of ways. Work hard feed off the enthusiasm of the head coach and just win.
Turn that dam juke box on later if needed. Lol.


Any info on what they did pregame to piss off Howard?

Thanks for the wonderful post Razor! The rant was right on…especially the LSU part. WPS!

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Easy cure for that. I had the same problem off and on for years. I left my driver in the bag and it always stayed in bounds. I found I scored much better if I hit my 3 wood, laying 1, than if I hit my driver 20-30 yards past that, laying 3. :grin:

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But Harley its not fun if it doesn’t go past everyone else…lol

The announcers didn’t say but there was some rumblings on twitter about them talking trash during pregame warm ups.

Plus every coach that is clean has to despise Will Wade. They all know he’s a bag man.

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Years ago I put my driver away and hit a 1 iron instead. I could put that in the short grass constantly. But I get the need to hit it long. Now I’m happy with any drive over 200. Age changes things.

If you can hit a 1 iron you should be on the pga tour…lol…1 iron…dang

That was a long time ago. My short game would not allow my handicap to get to single digits. It’s about 17 now. On a good day.

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I was thinking the same thing. This always reminds me of the famous Lee Trevino’s reply to a reporter’s question to Lee about that lightning strike. Lee responded, “No, I don’t worry about lightning anymore. When I’m on the course now in stormy weather, I just walk around holding my 1 iron in the air. Even God cannot hit a 1 iron.”

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My driver didn’t go past everyone else OR land in the fairway…

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Well Damn…lol

I can assure you my use of a 1 iron only lasted a few months. I think I have that 1 iron somewhere today but it’s not been hit in the last 3 decades.

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