The running back room

We did get the ball back against Auburn after we scored the go ahead TD. Got it back with 2:38 and went 3 and out on 3 running plays. Auburn had all 3 time outs and used them. They got the ball back with 2:06 left.

I’ve never seen any more dominate player at the High School level. I watched him in the state championship game at War Memorial Stadium his senior year. I’ve never seen his stats for that game, but he must have averaged 15-20 yards per carry. Unreal!

Didn’t he get injured the first or second game of his Razorback career? His back, maybe? He didn’t seem to ever be quite the same after that.

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We’ve got a 22 and 5 on this roster. Who will be the 25? Trelon should probably switch to 25 and give his 22 to Johnson. That may be pretty close to that previous squad.

He never was after the injury. A sup par Jerry Eckwood was still good. He managed to have a fair run in the NFL all things considered.

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I think the 75 team is a good comparison Clay, though I think this group may have a little more speed overall. Dom Johnson surprised me a bit. He’s quicker than I had previously thought. Really like all of them. We’ll probably need all of them too, because running backs do get hurt.

Addendum to Clay’s thoughtful post… Both the ‘75 team (Scott Bull) and this years’s team have good running QBs.

Ok. I looked up the Auburn play by play but missed that somehow. Still applies for Misery and LSU though.

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Totally agree with you on what your saying.

I (personally) don’t care if we run the ball most of the time or pass the ball most of the time. What has driven me crazy is when we went so extreme to one side or the other that we couldn’t do “the other” when needed.

Running the ball is great, but if you are behind late and its 3rd and 20, you better be able to pass it.

Passing the ball is great, but if it is 3rd and 2 late in the game, you better be able to run it.

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He got injured midway through his freshman season I believe. He had five-straight 100-yard games before he got injured. He led the SWC in yards per carry as a freshman. He only had one more 100-yard game after that.

That was Jerry’s sophomore year rocket. He didn’t play at all his freshman year, due to a back issue. In those days, you couldn’t redshirt freshmen for some strange reason.

Jerry was a rare talent.;%20BO%20RIEN%20-%20HOG%20COACH%20AT%20PRACTICE;%20JESSIE%20BRANCH%20%20"%20%20"%20%20"%20%20";%20JERRY%20ECKWOOD%20%20"%20%20"%20%20"&playhead=1749.5

This is cool. Eckwood in spring practice. Bo Rien, Jessie Branch. Go to 29:10.

Yup. Joe Fred Young in there.

Let’s not get to caught up on the fact that we ran the ball well for 2 games. We will be facing elites SEC defenses in the future. Yes, we have some good running backs… let’s see how they fare against these defenses.

Just an observation….I have asked some high school coaches about the best high school running back they ever saw….most pick the kid from Pine Bluff…I don’t think that he ever played in college…sorry he was never a Razorback. He may have been as special as Eckwood.

I agree that Eckwood was a tremendous talent. Before his knee injury, he was the quickest back to play for the Razorbacks. His top speed was close to the great McFadden and Jerry was a big strong man. It is a shame that ACL surgery’s of that era did not restore the players speed, quickness or strength.

Jerry was a great ball player the first half of his freshmen year. He could have been a Heisman trophy winner if he stayed injury free. Some of the cuts he made were straight out of the Gale Sayers Barry Sanders play book. What a great talent.

Basil Shabazz

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Pine Bluff had Eric Mitchell prior to Shabazz….he was a QB but was unstoppable running the ball.

In my time, Freshmen could not play on the varsity in either football or basketball. The idea was for the kids to get acquanted to collegiate life.

Actually I wish basketball still had that rule as it would eliminate the one and dones.

No it wouldn’t. They’d just go play pro somewhere right out of high school like Bryson Warren is doing.

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