The running back room

I have thought about this for literally three days: who does this running back crew remind me of from past Arkansas teams?

I think it’s the depth of the 1975 Cotton Bowl champs with Ike Forte, Michael Forrest, Ben Cowins, Roland Fuchs and Jerry Eckwood.

I don’t see a McFadden yet so I’ll not use the comparison with his bunch just yet. But give me another month and I might.


This is a very talented, diverse group with each bringing something to add to the team,I’ve been on AJ Green bandwagon from the 1st time I saw his film but we are lucky to have 4-5 guys that can productive running the ball,makes the OL job much easier.

I am glad to see most of our fans now are fully supportive of a good running game. I seem ro remember when many Hog fans thought running the ball was a horrible idea.


Most defiantly a talented group of young running backs!

Funny to look back a month ago when fall practice started and the number one goal was to find the backup running back , (As well as settle starter at left guard , get TE depth , third string QB and make sure the special teams kicking was resolved.).

Things work themselves out with good coaching and players competing for playing time. Twenty minutes media access at start of practice limits our knowledge of the how and who until we see it on gameday.

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No DMac yet, but Dominique Johnson is definitely the best 4th string RB since Michael Smith.

I am looking forward to when they game plan some series for Hornsby. Know it is coming from comments by CSP.

The ability to run the pigskin down your opponents throat and make them like it when they know for sure your running the ball is ideal! Over the last few years if the bugs could have ran for a first down at the end of the game like last year at Missouri. Auburn and even LSU those games could have been much different. The old Victory formation and running the clock out is awesome.
It may not be sexy but it’s winning football. When you need to throw the ball you need to have the ability to do so.

The gameplan going forward against us will now be more in the box than we’ve been seeing so it will be much harder to run than it was Sat,Tam will be really hard to run on.
We have to start showing we can have a sustained Passing attack bc Teams are not going to allow us to ram it down their throat,they will make us prove we can beat them with the pass,just keeping it real.

Jerry Eckwood was the greatest HS back in Arkansas history. Various leg injuries really held back a potentially great pro career. I say this to say including Forte and Eckwood is really, really high praise.

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Army, we scored a touchdown the last play we had the ball against Missouri. On a running play. With 43 seconds left in the game. When were we supposed to be running out the clock?

Auburn – scored the go ahead touchdown with 5:29 left, never ran another play. Same question.

LSU – punted into the end zone with 7:30 left, LSU drove for the winning score, they blocked a field goal attempt to tie. Once again, when were we trying to run out the clock?

I agree with teams needing to stop run first. But for consideration, what if the Hogs can throw the ball when that happens? Things become more fun quickly and rebuilding process is further in the rear view mirror.

Will not average 7.1 yard per game but four will control ball for first downs. KJ becomes the wild card when he runs and when quarterbacks run, secondaries suddenly have open receivers open if the QB commands that attention which at his size it seems likely. Also makes it easier on Oline and defense being on sidelines resting.

No many expected the running performance last weekend nor the play of lines and defense . Team is probably better than what we have been thinking.

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The sad case of Jerry Eckwood. Now 67 years old with complete dementia and living in an assisted living facility in Nashville.

Sad indeed. He was astounding. Gale Sayers like.

The Question is: Can we keep all of these guys happy in the Age of the Portal?

After what Hornsby did on his run, this bunch could be killers running a spread option scheme!

Yes that presents huge opportunities for Burke’s and our other receivers to really make them pay for that. I think what has surpassed my high expectations for our running backs is they are better than I thought they were. The OL has played more physical than I thought they probably could, so I’ve been pleasantly surprised.
There will be two or three teams this year where we’re probably going to have to really get some big pass plays to win. I’m thinking Texas a&m and Alabama. The rest of the teams we should be able to run the ball if we have the same intensity that we had last Saturday.

Jerry Eckwood. Now 67 years old with complete dementia and living in an assisted living facility in Nashville.
Pavlovhog1 would that be in Nashville Arkansas or Tennessee?

Either case is really sad.

I really believe AJ Green will be the best one. Looking forward to him getting 15-20 touches a game next year.

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Nashville TN. Or was three years ago.