The rumor out of Lincoln

Is that Trev Alberts is targeting Matt Campbell at Iowa State.

Yes, ISU is currently a better situation than Nebraska. But ISU is also in the Orphan Eight and thus is gonna be limited. If Nebraska can even get its act together in the Big Ten, its ceiling is much higher.

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In a twelve team playoff, he has a better chance of getting the Big XII spot at ISU vs. finishing first or second in the Big Ten at Nebraska. He can be pretty choosy about jumping to another job right now, so that’s going to be a very hard sell from the standpoint of building a playoff caliber program.

If all he wants is more money, the people in Lincoln are probably desperate enough to open the vaults one more time. If he waits another year, a better situation might be available than Nebraska or any of the places where the seat is really hot now or will be by the time the season is over, and the extra money will probably be just as good or better. .

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That’s if there is a Big XII spot. It isn’t guaranteed even with a 12 team bracket. Whereas the B1G can count on 2-4 bids, just like we can. If the Orphan Eight champ is 15th in the final ranking, it won’t be in the playoff. And the chances of that are much higher with OU and EOE out the door.

Won’t the playoff have to take 6 conference champions? In that scenario, if ISU wins the XII, then they would be in the playoff.

They could take SEC, B1G, ACC, P-10, Mountain West and Sun Belt. Or CUSA and AAC. Nobody has a guaranteed spot. Not even the SEC. Granted, 2020 was weird because of the pandemic, but if there had been a 12 team playoff in 2020, the P-12 would not have made it.

How could the SEC not get a spot for the conference champ? It’s highly unlikely (and a reason to get rid of divisions), but say the East champ was 8-4 South Carolina which upset 12-0 Bama in the SECCG. Bama still gets in at large, but the Poultry would be unlikely to be one of the top 6 conference champs.

I understand there are 6 guaranteed conference champions. It would be the six highest ranked. Then six at large.

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I saw an early list for Nebraska’s opening and laughed. The most likely candidate to look at it was Bielema (Illinois being a black hole, not unlike Nebraska but without the history of greatness).

Campbell, the guy at Kansas State, Pittman…yeah, c’mon. Better focus in on B1G coordinators who want to move up and make a splash. I know Nebraska has some well-heeled boosters - I think they paid an extra $8M to fire him now vs next month - but no one likes to throw good money at a bad situation.

Seriously, they should look at the two Montana schools and the two Dakota schools that sit in the top 4 of the FCS standings. Fifth, of course, is Bobby Petrino.

One name that made sense to me was Matt Rhule. He’s on the hot seat in Carolina but did well at Temple and Bayluh. If the owner runs him out of Charlotte he might be a good hire.

As I understand it, they take the 6 top rated conference champions no matter where those 6 are within the rankings. If so, even if the Big XII champion is rated 15th, it’s in as long as there are only 5 conf champs ahead of it in the rankings. That means you could have the SEC, BIG, Pac, ACC, AAC champs rated somewhere in the top 14 & still have the Big 12 champ get in.

At least I think that’s how it’s supposed to work.

Correct, but if #15 is the 7th highest conference champ…

Again going back to 2020 for reference:
Conference champs with final CFP ranking
Bama 1
Ohio State 2
Clemson 3
Oklahoma 6
Cincy 8
Coastal Carolina 12
Oregon 25. The Ducks would not have made it either as conference champ or at-large. USC was actually ranked higher despite losing the PTCG, but wouldn’t have made it at #17 either.

The Big XII is going to get a team in on a very, very regular basis if six conference champs get in every year. To not get a team in requires two of the Mountain West/Sunbelt/Conference USA/AAC to be higher, a scenario that is unlikely to happen, and for the Pac whatever rep to finish higher. .

Probably, but not definitely. As we saw Saturday, the Sun Belt can play now. AAC will go down now that Cincy and Houston are leaving, but there’s always Boise to sweep through the MWC, unless the P-10 goes slumming in Idaho.

If anybody rivals the passions of Hog fans it’s Cornhusker fans. That stadium looked sold out on Saturday. The right coach can win there. Your gonna see alot of names thrown about and the interim coach will make a BIG play, of course he will have to have a winning season. Urban Meyer is out there and I’m even seeing his name among the possibilities.

I agree. I spent a good deal of time in Nebraska years ago. They are rabid.

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…we may have Gruden spotted in a few restaurants wearing a Husker cap before this is over. :sunglasses:

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