The Rose Bowl

Beautiful afternoon in Pasadena. The Big 10’s best against the Pac 10 (er, 12) best. I like it; I miss the SWC days.

Miss the Raycom telecasts. LOL

Great atmosphere, but not a very competitive game. Too bad that blizzard hit Pullman and gave the Apple Bowl to the inferior Huskies. I think Leach’s crew would have given the Luckeyes a better game.

That Pasadena weather is just so beautiful. What a setting. Maybe the Hogs will get to play in the Rose Bowl some day. I will try to be watching if they do. I grew up watching those Rose Bowls…the best of all the bowls, in my view.

If I was boss of the NCAA, which I am not… You have the 4 bowls…Rose, Cotton, Orange and Sugar where the 8 teams in the playoffs play. Then you have 2 semi-final games in two of the bowl sites and the final game in the rotating sites of one of the 4 bowl sites.

A team would have a good chance of playing in Pasadena if they made the playoffs. Nice.

Sigh. The NCAA has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CFP. At all. It’s a project of the FBS schools, and more specifically the Power 5 conferences. Mark Emmert, who is the boss of the NCAA, can’t make them expand the playoffs to 8 teams, or play the final in Pasadena every fourth year, or anything else.