The Robinson for Henderson trade

Was this a good deal for us that we made with the Aggies? We gave up a somewhat experienced Inside player who had produced when given the chance, for a younger perimeter player with less experience. Do we think that Robinson has a higher upside than Ethan? Was there any cash consideration or player to be named later involved in this trade?

A good question and I suppose we will know something in ~ 9 months. Pedigree on Jaxon pretty solid

Yes, Robinson most definetely has higher upside that Henderson.

I don’t look at it like a trade. I look at it like we had Ethan and were willing to let him go regardless of what we got, even if nothing.

I look at Jaxon as an opportunity that didn’t cost us anything. We still have empty schollies which we may or may not fill. We didn’t give up anything to get Jaxon. Maybe he works, maybe he doesn’t. No big deal either way.

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Like your thought process…

They are not related. One filled a need. One did not.