The right call

I know several people have posted on social media that the sky was clear enough to play shortly after the postponement, but they are misinformed. We are staying across the river from downtown in Iowa and as we drove back to our hotel tonight at 9:05 we saw a lightning strike, which I’m sure was not the only one around that time. That strike alone would have postponed the game until at least 10 o’clock after the delay and warmup protocol were met. The curfew to begin a game tonight was 11.

At some point you have to pack up your bags and play another day. There was no reason to keep the players and fans waiting around for a game that wouldn’t have started until at least four hours after it was scheduled to begin.

My friend and I were still grumbling when we got to a restaurant for post-rainout wings. But when it was still raining significantly as we left 90 minutes later, we decided it was the right call.