The Return of 40 Minutes of Hell.....Mike has St John's Rolling

It’s nice to see CMA have success. I hope they win the Big East.


I’m sure Clay will appreciate this. I know he spoke with Vaccaro when Mike was hired there. Hope he keeps it going.

That’s great. Looking good to host a NIT game.

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Home NIT would be ok but CBS Palm put them in his bracketology as a 12th seed in one play in game and LSU in other. Win games is what SJ and our Hogs need to do to stay in bracket on Selection Sunday. Raiders Al Davis said “Win baby Win! Hogs and Johnnies are both on 4 game conference win streaks.
Keep winning and things take care of themselves. However, SJ road game after home win v Villanova smells like high potential for loss at 1 pm today unless freshman phenom Alexander outplays All Big East Duke and Watson who I believe were on Providence when Hogs Joe, Jones and Sills won there in NIT in 2019.
Wish Hogs and LsU played today or better yet tomorrow and move Kentucky to Wednesday like they moved Mizz v UK just last week. I need Hog game on Super Bowl weekend!

David Duke and Nate Watson started for Providence in that game. Duke is an exceptional talent.

Not happening, Red Storm shooting 55%+ from the field, 85%+ from the line and winning the boards in a 92-81 win. Looks like their for real to me. :sunglasses:

Fourth straight big east road win and 6 in row and 7 of 8. Hogs have won 4 sec in a row with Cats den trip that wont be easy with Cats inside three headed monster but only 1 shooter.
SJ has played mostly on road with Butler trip this week and rematch with Villanova in Philly. Then Hogs and SJ home for some key win opportunities. I was in Rupp and Bud Walton for Kentucky games both won by Hogs in ot. CMA beat UK three in row in regular seasons 2013 and 2014. We lost to Cats in 2015 and 2017 sec tourney. I think Nolan lost to Cats in 1995 and 2001 sec tourneys.
Making sec tourney finals is worthless as commitee bracket completed Saturday night. Its gravy but not a place our program has had to worry about much since joining sec for annual Kentucky invitational. Go Hogs, beat Cats to remove them from life support.

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