The Rest of the Roster

Those I have seen get playing time are: Sills, Joe, Bailey, Harris, Gafford, Simpson, Jones, Osa, Phillips & Chaney. The rest are: Khalil Garland, Emeka Obukwelu, Ty Stevens, Jonathan Holmes, Ibrahim Ali, & Ethan Henderson. I know Garland has health issue, and perhaps not approved to play. What about Ali, and Henderson. I am surprised Henderson is not getting any action. Have I missed something? What about the rest. Please fill me in on the remaining roster.

Henderson is somewhat of a project. Ali is the project of projects. Obukwelu is sitting out his transfer year. Holmes is a walkon who plays only in garbage time. Stevens is even more of a garbage time player than Holmes. And Garland in all likelihood will never play again.

Henderson and Ali are not doing enough in practice to warrant being in the rotation.

I don’t think Ali will even play this year.

Thanks Swine. Looks like we have ten active players this year. Is that going to be enough?

I trust coach A’s judgement. if they could play, they be playing. We can’t afford injuries to few key players as is.

I think Henderson has the potential of contributing later in the season if the light comes on. Otherwise, this is what we have. Holmes is not Kikko Haydar revisited, the walkon who earns serious minutes.

He’s 6’10 he can’t be that bad they offered the guy
How can he improve without playing? I mean what are their plans for him here

If he can’t show the physical play in practice he won’t play!

He can improve by redshirting and going against Gafford every day in practice. Which appears to be the plan. If he’s not ready to play at this level, seems to be a logical choice. Will he be eased out at season’s end? Also possible, if they don’t think he’ll ever be able to contribute.

Funny thing was we knew we needed post depth but instead gave our last spot to a big they had to know was so raw he couldn’t help this year. A grad transfer who could come in and spell DG would have done wonders.

They tried to get a grad transfer before adding Ali, who was meant to round out the roster.

The really sad thing is that we have a grad assistant who could have been a very good back up to DG this year if we had not squandered his red shirt in 2014-2015. He contributed about as much to our season that year as Henderson and Ali will contribute to this year’s team. I love MA, but no one will ever convince me that wasn’t a huge mistake.

They expected Chaney to backup Gafford. And he is. They thought enough of Ali to ask him to decommit from Baylor. So I am assuming they feel he can be a big contributor in year 2 or 3. Let’s see if they are right.if not, you have a valid question.

Another possibility is that it was hard to recruit a ready effective backup (lot more productive than Willie Kouassi) for this year. Good players want PT.

With the next few recruiting classes and the amount of talent in the state of Arkansas a grad transfer may have been best. But don’t you think the staff look at that possibility before taking the projects?
I still believe CMA will make changes if he needs too.

If you’re good pt comes with the keys look at Kentucky and Dukes rosters etc players just don’t know how special Arkansas is period if they did no way we loose McDonald all American players from our backyard. We have more basketball history than 4 closet states to us Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Louisiana yet we haven’t been able to recruit well from home or there

I was thinking the same thing when I saw Trey Thompson before the game on Saturday.

I go back and forth between redshirting and playing just a bit. I do think that when you know you are going to play, you work harder in practice and it speeds up development. And, there is nothing like playing to make you understand what you need to make jumps on in practice.

Fully agree with that. You have quotes from players sitting out that it wasn’t easy to get motivated while sitting out.

Also, there are many other factors such as what was committed to the player when he was recruited, whether player and his parents consent to it. We just see what is gong on during the games.

To get the fully story, during one of the pressers a reporter should ask Mike that question. Maybe it was a bad error in judgement by Mike. We just don’t know.

I remember discussions on the HI board about Trey red-shirting his freshman year. There were responses that neither he nor his parents wanted him to red-shirt. Some of the reasons were because he was such a good student. That never made sense to me, because it gives the student a free ride for most of his Masters degree. A red-shirt year should be a god-send to student athletes who realize they probably won’t be playing pro ball. Of course, I guess most high school athletes who get a full ride sports scholarship all think they are going to the “Big Show”.

That’s what I always thought, when we signed Chaney some of the recruiting sites had him listed as a center, and just watching his game and looking at his build I figured the staff saw him more of a 5 in their system. I remember people would argue with me when I posted projected lineups and I would put Chaney as the back-up 5. Everybody kept saying he’s a 4 and he’d start at the 4 spot. My thoughts was the staff would always use him kinda like they did Trey Thompson, which was back-up the 5 primarily and play some at the 4 spot as well, which is what he has done.

Also, I think Chaney is our starting 5 next year. Bailey or Gabe will start at the 4, we’ll probably add Franklin who will be the 3rd guy that plays at the 4 spot, CMA likes to have 3 guys that can rotate at that spot. Then I’m guessing if Henderson or Ali transfer, which they look like the most likely candidates right now based on playing time, we’ll bring in a big to replace one of them and that guy will be the back-up 5 behind Chaney.