The reporter's question: Almost feel sorry for Sark

Clay, why can’t you come up with questions like this for CSP?

I do not say this directed at Sark but to the Texas Program (I know he is part of that now. etc ). But I wish for nothing but continued headaches for Texas football program. It helps our recruiting there and some humility is a good thing. I hope Horns and Sooners join the SEC fun asap so we can enjoy watching them assimilate into the weekly gauntlet.

I would take Vandy over Kansas in everything but basketball right now. We can use a another Vandy on our side of ledger every year, two would be even better.

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The only problem that I see with the decline and fall of the shorthorn juggernaut is that it strengthens aTm. Now it seems to me that Jimbo is perfectly capable of screwing up the good thing he has there. I was not impressed with his last few years at Free Shoes and he just might not be the answer for the gaggies.

Coaching sober has its drawbacks…


Aggies will always be Aggies. The coaching carousel will continue there as with the Shorthorns.

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This will probably come off worse than I want it to–or maybe a bit of recent bias, but there are certain coaches who have perfectly fine–dare I say, even impressive–winning resumes, like Fisher for example, that I just can’t even muster up a false sense of fear of.

I’m perfectly fine with the Aggies keeping Fisher as long as they want to. Every year that we have to play them, I feel like we have a shot at beating them. Leach is another one. I hope The Pirate stays in port at Starkville as long as he wants to.

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Jimbo can’t sell to recruits that A&M is the only place to play in the SEC and stay in Texas any more. I kinda don’t worry about what Sark or his successor do because there are bad systemic issues at EOE, already evident in the Little Dozen and will be worse in the league where they slit your throat and drink your blood.

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And then just like that, Jimbo just gets the commitment from the best RB out of Louisiana. Surprisingly, they only have 4 kids from Louisiana on their roster. I would have figured there was more.

Jimbo has lost to Arkansas , MSU and Ole Miss this year. All have better QB play than his team does and he is a QB whisperer in lore. Those are not the teams he is getting paid $9M to beat. Jimbo and Aggies are made for Texas and vice versa.

It’s such an Aggie move to give him an original guaranteed 75 million contract then up it to 90 million guaranteed. They have more money than sense.

Really wasn’t much of a question as it was the guy just talking for a bit. Sark did fine with his answer.

You can take the John White approach, just answer a question you wished they had asked.

Or take a Saban approach to the answer and say, “You stick with the process and stick to your core beliefs.”

Very cold…and apparently true in his case…

Jimbo’s QB play was fine last year with Kellen Mond. It might have been close to that this year if Haynes King doesn’t break his leg. We’d be in deep stuff if Hornsby had to take over too. And Calzada has been up and down, up against Bama, down against us and Ole Miss.

When it comes to the Horn’s, I’m very objective…

Me, too. Lol

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