The replay of the Tenn (UT/Bama game) pass that got intercepted -------------

------------- did anyone else see the pass go through the cable for the skycam camera? That camera is always behind the QB but this time, it looks like the pass barely missed the cable for the sky camera. What would been the call if it had deflected off the cable? Do they do a “do over?”

My guess would be it’s like the ref gettin in the way. Part of the game.

BTW…did anyone see one of our LB’s run completely over a ref yesterday. Just caught a glimpse of it.

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And didn’t call a blind side hit?! Lol

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My guess is the play would be blown dead, clock would be reset and they would re-play the down.

I remember that something like this almost happened in the 2010 game we played at Auburn. This was the game that Ryan Mallett got injured and Tyler Wilson came in and had a fantastic game. If not for two horrendous calls (stop me if this sounds like a recording) involving fumbles on plays Auburn scored, we might well have won that game.

Anyway, after Tyler came in, there was one deep pass where, on replay, you cold see that they ball just missed the Skycam. The replay from Skycam itself was fantastic. as the ball came right at it and zipped by. Provided a unique perspective.

In checking with an SEC referee, if a ball hits cable, etc., the down must be replayed and clock reset.

On ESPN+ there is a Skycam option that I stumbled onto when one of our game broadcasts was delayed by the previous game running long. I really liked that view from behind and above the QB as it showed the view he was having and definitely who was open or not. There was no commentating and very few commercials. It moved around a lot but stayed behind the offense. It never got in front where a pass or punt, etc. could hit the camera. I suspect the two cables on the defense side of scrimmage might could be hit but that would be really hard to do and stay over the field.

That is what I remember Gary Danielson saying during the 2010 Auburn game I mentioned above.

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