The remaining schedule

Relievers get another break with Misery State coviding out of the next midweek. So we go to Red Stick with all hands on deck to face the Corndogs. Is SAO turning it around or is Ole Miss doing an Ole Miss thing and handing them the series? My guess is the latter. Even if SAO sweeps the Rebnecks, they’ll be 7-11 in the league to our 13-5

Then Georgia at home. Dawgs are 7-9 in SEC now after losing to Misery tonight.

Then the run-rule thrashing of the Pink Puppies, unless they make up some COVID cases to avoid their whupping, which would be completely consistent with the ASWho Chihuahuas, who yap but don’t bite.

Then we go to EOE. This weekend is completely weird; our series with the Poultry is over, Tennessee’s hasn’t even begun yet. They’re going into tomorrow’s DH in Aggieland at 10-5. They could catch Vandy in the East if the Humpers take at least one game and they sweep the Farmers.

Then Florida at home. Wallets are 10-6 after beating the Baggies tonight.

If we take two out of three in all four remaining series, and commit animal abuse on the Pink Puppies, that would be 41-11/21-9 regular season. Any sweeps would be on top of that. And since we’re 9-3 on the road including series wins at #4 Moo U, #11 Poultry and #12 Rebnecks, going at least 4-2 in the remaining road games (and possibly 6-0) would certainly seem to be doable.

Dang, Hogs have played good on road. Tough, tough, tough. They take on the personality of their coach.

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If not for that three-game skid against La Tech, Mobilehoma and Bama, Hogs might be 32-4 and in firm command of the SEC race as well as the #1 spot (it’s harder to win the SEC than to be #1).

Oh, I forgot the other road series win: #15 La Tech. We’re 9-3 against four ranked teams away from home.

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The hogs are hard to beat. With 4 series left and 2 on the road and 2 at home the road 6-2 would be nice.
Home series against Georgia and Florida won’t be easy either.
The road series next weekend is huge.
Maybe DVH can get Wicklander back on the bump for game 1 Friday night.
Game 2 Pallette and who knows for game 3.
Connor Noland getting healthy and back to form may be the most important piece to the puzzle.
The bullpen roles needs to show some improvement too! Kopps has been amazing! At times there’s been others that have stepped up and made contributions but no others have been consistent.
I’m still hoping LSU will fail to make it to Hoover! Maybe next weekend the hogs can help them with that issue.

Actually, it’s 12-3 against seven ranked teams away from home. Arkansas also beat Texas, Texas Tech and TCU in Arlington.

RPI rewards road and neutral-site wins, and that record against that competition away from home is why the Razorbacks would be the No. 1 overall seed if the postseason began today.


Correct, of course, but I was referring to true road games. Although I guess TCU in Tarrant County should be counted as a true road game.

The top seeds in the D1B projection this week are pretty wild:

  1. Hogs
  2. Vandy
  3. TCU
  4. Moo U
  5. Oregon
  6. Notre Dame
  7. ECU
  8. EOE-K
  9. EOE-A
  10. Rebnecks
  11. TTech
  12. LaTech
  13. Arizona
  14. Poultry
  15. Louisville
  16. Stanford

We’ve played – and beaten – everyone in bold, with a record of 12-3 in those games, We’ll play EOE-Knoxville in a couple weeks and may add Vandy to the list in Hoover. Otherwise we won’t see them until Omaha.

I hate that our mid week game was canceled. It would be a good opportunity to get Connor out there with no pressure.

Amazing how well we’ve played on the road, 3 top 10 teams In the SEC and to go 7-2 is unparalleled… Just got to play one at a time from here on out, pedal to the metal. Been nerve-wracking but fun to watch.

I know the overall 1seed hasn’t won the CWS in a while, but to me that’s like a coin that comes up heads on 5 straight flips. It’s gonna happen but it doesn’t predict what will happen on the next flip. I’d like to be the #1 seed. Theoretically that gives us the best shot to win. Of course, everyone at Omaha is good enough to win, but it’s nice to be the one with the best odds. Unless we get someone hurt or we go into some sort of slump about then, I like our odds this year. Maybe after all the recent “not quite” appearances, 2021 will be the year of the hog.

I’d like our chances in the final game of the CWS championship series with a two-run lead and Kevin Kopps on the mound in the eighth, I know that much.


Good point. I wonder who the last #1 seed was to win the national championship?

Miami in 1999.


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