The refs tried to drill us ,but no go....

How do we not get credit for the fumble recovery on the Kelley fumble? The Ole Miss guy never had possession and the SEC reviewed the play and still hosed us. We are last on the pecking order for officiating in the SEC.

I thought so too but they actually got it right. Replay shows him possessing the ball with his back on the ground. I hate to give SEC refs credit for anything, but that one was the right call.

The announcers said that so that’s what everyone else will spout, but I’ve never seen a guy roll on the ground on the ball, have it for a millisecond, throw it backward and it be called a recovery.

The replay obviously being in slow mo shows possession. It’s just the reality of replay.

Our gift back was the PI call. It was the right call but if you want to casually think the football gods (not being blasphemous - just humorous) exist then they helped us out with the right call at the right time.

Because they threw a flag on a clear PI?

There is no way in the world that was a fumble recovery. You have the ball for a fraction of a second and that is control and a fumble recovery? What are the odds of that being a recovery if that is Jalen Hurts fumbling in an important SEC game. 0 is probably too high.

Agreed. That call smelled, but what really chapped my hiney was when one of our players tried to pick it up instead of just falling on the dadgum ball.

No, I meant that with a bit of humor. The PI call was correct - no doubt. The fumble call was BS.

Ah. My bad.

That was a fumble recovery with possession. It was the right call. The replay showed it as well.

Y’all can keep repeating that, but, again, you have to control the ball. If rolling over the loose ball and having it in your hand for a millisecond as you’re throwing it backward is control of the ball there have been about a million fumbles and lost TDs and incompletions that should have been recoveries and TDs and completions over the years.

An announcer saying it or a famously back covering replay system doesn’t make it a no brainer.

Stinchcomb also said the targeting on Kelley wasn’t targeting because he was a runner. But, it doesn’t matter where you are on the field or whether it’s a runner, if you launch and load and hit with the crown of the helmet it’s targeting.

There’s a reason you aren’t a ref. It’s because you don’t know what you are talking about.

Both were correct calls.

No. Targeting was targeting. Plain as day. Go back to whining about the biggest comeback in school history.

Targeting is targeting, glad you can wrap your mind around that.

But that was certainly not targeting. You should understand the rules before you make yourself look ignorant, there’s a reason it wasn’t called targeting, because it wasn’t.

Replay showed his arm around ball—did not show possession— if had possession wouldn’t have come flying out like it did—arm and hand on ball— not possessed!,

Last word

Wrong again. Bad day for you. Got embarrassed on the other thread and trying to make up for it here. Take a lap, maybe. Go call some fat people fat or something to cheer yourself up. Hogs won. The butt hurt isn’t going to change it.

Sorry, Dr. Fat Shamer.

I watched the slow motion replay and I still do not think he had possession. If he had possession he could have kept control. He never had control of the ball.

Jesus, your maturity level is about the same as a Pre-K child.

You’re a real piece of work. I’m sure you’re a miserable person, so if making false statements makes you feel better, have at it.