The Red Chrome helmet was cool....

Maybe the big fella will whip that helmet out for his last couple of games. We haven’t worn that but one time…the bowl game in Memphis. I really liked the look. Maybe we are gonna sell those for salvage to help pay for the buyout, but I would sure like for us to wear them. The matte helmet must go along with those red pants. Anybody got a match?

I could be wrong about this, but I was under the impression that the red chrome helmets were refurbished and made into the chrome ones they wore the past couple of years.

You are right, Matt. That question was asked of Bret at a radio show last year.

Are you talking about the grey helmet with the silver hog? I like those also.

Yes, those were originally the red chrome. I don’t like the grey/silver hog version. From the stands you can’t tell what is on the helmet. Oh wait, this year that’s a good thing (being anonymous.)

They looked better in the daytime. At night there is not enough contrast in the grey helmet and silver hog.