The reality of College coaching in the SEC west

I posted this a few weeks back and still believe it’s true today. What coach will come here knowing he is basically playing for the 4th seed in the western division of the SEC? That is exactly what we are playing for most years. You work hard to win it but in the end you’re in a 4 team conference with OM, MSU, and aTM to see who gets 4th place. There will be an occasional year that you finish slightly better but not very often. Lane Kiffin is not going to win the west at Ole Miss. He would not have won it here either. You can scream and holler all you want but this has been our relegated position most of the time in football since 1992 (maybe 3rd prior to the last expansion). There is zero need to pay 5-6 million to a coach to finish 4th or worse in the west.

We don’t have the culture and leadership it takes to compete with the top 3-5 teams in the SEC on an annual basis. Someone like Jon Fagg needs to sit down and draw up a 3-5-10 year plan on how we can become the next Bama, Clemson, or Ohio State. It doesn’t just happen. It takes a lot of work and planning behind the scenes plus one heck of a head FB coach and staff. Sometimes the coach comes first (Dabo) because he has a vision.

Does BLJ or Drink have the vision and work ethic it takes to make it happen? I think we are about to find out and I am ok with that. If you can’t hire Stoops or Urban then everyone else is a crap shoot anyway.

Let’s get a new coach and see what they can do. Hopefully we invest heavily in a top notch staff so we can create a winning culture and a coaching pool for future head coaches at the U of A.