The real OSU

Is kicking Vol tail. They have a 7 ft dude that the Vols have no answer for since Fulkerson is out.

I’ve been watching and the Vol’s look terrible.

Horrible, nasty turn of events for Vols to have to play without Fulkerson.

The guy that nailed him should have been suspended for the year. He played today.

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He dressed but was benched entire game. Next game? Coach wouldn’t say.

He should have sat home from the dance!


I must have missed this. Who took out Fulkerson?

Who nailed Fulkerson? I don’t guess I was aware of it

Omar Payne from Florida. Cheap, cheap elbow to the eye.

Apparently he sat today.

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You guys should google or utube it, people have been arrested for less

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Yep Payne sat today. Ten Wallets played today but not him.

You mean the great Kim English could get the Vols a win?

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