The real issues college sports need to solve

And it goes way, way beyond NIL.

Shouldn’t leaders want to make those decisions, instead of leaving them for judges and politicians?

Politicians are always reacting instead of trying to solve problems before they happened. There’s a reason why we’re trillions in debt and nothing will happen until it’s beyond a crisis.


Which is exactly what the NCAA does and is doing. Closing the barn door when the horse is way down the road.

Agree but for the guy to say politicians will save the day when they do the same kind of gets me.


The obvious issue is that we have state-supported semi-pro sports masquerading as college-athletes giving the old try hard for the old alma mater.

None of this is hard to understand. It’s only economically and sociologically hard to unwind it from the university.

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I predict we are 10-15 years away from the University of Arkansas Razorbacks football being no more.

Replaced by a football team operated by Razorback Football LLC that’s affiliated with the university, but a separate entity - salaries for players, collective bargaining, salary caps, class attendance not mandatory, etc.

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And that will be when I’m done with razorbacks football without any remorse.

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Yes but how many times have several stated this very response. I think it was said before the NIL was form, and they would be gone. I can’t predict the future. This Saturday is a mystery to me let alone 10-15 years down the road. Maybe dead for me…

I don’t have a problem with NIL, although i think university systems need some type of boundaries to level the playing field.

What I do have a problem with is the players I’m watching not being students. That means they go to class and meet the minimums of being students. Somehow that matters to me. The uniform they are wearing isn’t why I watch this level of football.

If I wanted to watch 26 year olds playing minor league football, I’d just watch the nfl.

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I’m not even sure that I will stay on board that long. The thrill is gone, as BB would say. I think sports of any kind, are soon to be the least of our worries. Highly paid athletes are soon to be deemed non essential.

When is the last time you heard of a player not being eligible due to grades?

Maybe they are all better students now. :flushed:

History. I lay odds some never go to class.

I’m sure some don’t go to class. But I bet their attendance is better than the average student.

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