The Razorbacks and covid-19

The UA today suspended all university-sponsored travel out of state for 60 days, effective immediately. Appeals can be made, but as of right now it’s unclear to what extent that affects athletics. A statement is expected this afternoon.

The NCAA has also announced that non-essential personnel will not be allowed to attend its championship events, including the basketball tournaments (and the NIT). The NCAA’s covid-19 advisory panel has also recommended against sporting events being open to the public.

The SEC says there is no change to tonight’s SEC Tournament games, but that it is evaluating its plans for the rest of the tournament.

The Kentucky fans will be thrilled if they don’t get to attend “their” tournament in Nashville.

I was there in 2008 when the tornado hit the Georgia Dome and the games were moved to Georgia Tech. Kentucky’s game against Georgia was the one that was postponed, and the next morning outside Alexander Coliseum, I had Kentucky fans offering me hundreds of dollars for my credential.

That tournament was so weird because the only people in the building were the teams and their families/administrators, the officials, band members and cheerleaders, and media. There might have been 500 people who saw in person Steven Hill hit his shot against Tennessee.

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The empty arena for NIT really hurts the schools that would have drawn decent crowds.

The NCAA games are going to be like early season neutral site tournaments, only worse because of the size of the arenas.

Aloha Matt,

What will happen to our Indoor Track and Field Teams?

Will they be returning to UA and not compete at Friday’s and Saturday’s National Championships at New Mexico? Or will they be able to compete without any fans present? If they return to UA, when? If they are not allowed to compete, is that a UA/ SEC or NCAA decision?


I assume the attendance ban is in place for the track meet because it is an NCAA championship event.

As for whether the teams will be recalled, I can’t see that happening for a number of reasons, one being that it is not a university-sponsored trip. It is an NCAA-sponsored trip. And, to be clear, it is not yet known to what extent the UA’s travel policy affects athletics.

Aloha Matt,

I also asked Jeff in different thread.

What is the impact of the UA’s 60 day travel ban on the UA Athletics Department?


I don’t know. I’m trying to find out if it affects it at all.

Will crowds be able to attend baseball games? And if so, why? It sounded like in an earlier thread that track was not affected, why? Because they are outdoors? Surely they know this virus is not airborne?


The UA ban covers university-sponsored travel. NCAA championship trips are paid for by the NCAA, thus are not university sponsored. It also says appeals may be made to the appropriate vice chancellor. In this case the appropriate VC is Hunter Yurachek.

The relevant info is at the bottom under Updates:

Aloha Matt,

Thank-you for the prompt response. Hopefully AD HY will soon issue a statement on the status of Spring Sports and any changes…for example fan attendance, etc…



Right now activity on campus continues as usual; students are still going to class, etc. But UA says if there are any confirmed COVID-19 cases in Fayetteville or on campus, that will change.

As for the NIT, assuming we are invited and get a home game or two, allowing fans to attend would be up to the NIT. Since the NCAA runs the NIT, I would assume that NIT games will be played in empty arenas as well.

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