The Razorback Family lost a good one yesterday

Bobby Burnett passed away. Pardon if already posted.

Bobby was a great player. Not just a good one. I know that’s not how you were meaning it to be taken. My condolences to a great Razorback family. I have not heard any details on this of yet.

One of the greatest players ever for the Razorbacks.

1966 AFL Rookie of the Year.

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I believe he played the entire 64 season without a fumble. The first of three Burnetts

Yes the Burnett family helped put the Razorbacks on the map.
Condolences to the Burnett Family.
RIP Bobby

I’ll never forget him. Kinda like Scotty Thurman, he scored the points that won a National Championship. I was at the Cotton Bowl that day, but it was a long time ago.

He (and family) is the definition of Hog royalty. What a great loss.