The raccoon

What a night in Section 117.

For those who haven’t seen it, a raccoon got loose in the stands between the seventh and eighth innings. Grant Harmon, who I’m told is a Fayetteville native, grabbed it and walked it out of the stadium. I tried to find Grant afterward to talk with him, but I was told by those in his section that he had left to get a rabies shot.

On my way back up, one of the Landmark workers told me the raccoon had gotten back into the stadium through Gate B. Sure enough, between the end of the game and the fireworks show it got back into the stands and was caught by a worker with animal control.

Here are some photos and videos that capture what happened:

The raccoon is the latest in a line of critters at Arkansas baseball games. We all remember the possum at LSU and there was a groundhog that ran onto the field during the first game of the North Carolina State series last season.

One of my memories is of a snapping turtle that got into the stadium during a practice a few years ago.

LOL. I heard something about a raccoon but I didn’t realize it had gotten in the stands. I can’t believe those idiots tried to pick it up with their hands lucky they didn’t get rabies.

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When the season is done and Dave Van Horn is hoisting a national championship trophy above his head, we will all look back realize the dominant run began with Rally Raccoon.

Thank you in advance, Rally Raccoon.

although it does take a little time for the symptoms to show up….:grimacing:

The rally sadly was by Vandy. Our postseason location is in serious jeopardy. We could well see the end of any chance at being a top eight seed today or tomorrow.

Seems like every time there is an animal involved in one of our games, it didn’t bode well for us.
Possum and now a raccoon.
It didn’t help us last night. Maybe the luck turns our way today and tomorrow.

In the videos I saw, I couldn’t tell if the guy in the red tee suffered a bite, but it sure looked like the guy in the grey tee did.

I heard on the Rodin today he was in the hospital.
Never pick up a wild animal without the right type gloves and shirt on!

The raccoon wrangler was in the booth with Brett and Troy last night and they talked to him for quite a while. So he’s obviously not in the hospital

He was when he was asked to join Rally Cap

There were 2 raccoons and 2 wranglers. I think only one was bitten.

It was the same raccoon. I heard there were multiple people who had to leave to get a shot.

Well if we don’t host regional/super regional blame it on rabid raccoons running amuck in Baum as determining factor by selection committee.

If they aren’t rabid, then I bet there are some babies somewhere under the stands that they are fighting to get back to. There may be some rotting baby raccoon smells in the regional if they don’t find them or let the mother get back to feed them. We had a raccoon family nesting in an unused chimney and they used male raccoon urine (the males kill and eat the babies — mean suckers there, not to be picked up lightly) to scare the mama raccoon into moving the babies so we could seal up the chimney to keep her from coming back. It took a couple of nights for her to find an alternative nest and get the babies moved.

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