The Quin coming to visit?

Any word on Jahvon Quinerly coming to visit them Hogs? Being reported elsewhere in America that Hogs could be one of four landing spots for the Quin.

That’s what it appears. Checking.

Philly sportswriter opinion on Jahvon Quinerly leaving Villanova. … 90403.html

THANks, we can always count on you Senor Davenport!

Wasn’t able to read other than Villy doesn’t recruit too many highly ranked kids.

Gist of it was the Quin wanted to go to Arizona, chose Nova instead when the FBI stuff hit, and was not a good fit for Nova.


Are we on him?

Yes according to Rivals.

Yes. Will be interesting to see what happens with JD and him. Only one spot.

Is Grayer out of the picture now?