The Purdue Connection

While there were ship jumpers that disappointed me the one that I don’t get the most is Isiah Nichols.
He is from here. He played regularly last season. I considering our lack of DL depth I doubt Sam showed him the door.
And why to Purdue of all places? And two of our guys went there. What is the Purdue Connection?
Looking at their website, unless they have a horrendous SID office, they only have three coaches listed. You think we have gaps to fill.
None of their three coaches seems to have any Arkansas ties or history.
Anyone know anything about this?
No Chicken Little stuff please.

Sam Carter is there now

Walters played and coached under Odom and will play that style.

Probably how they got there

Ryan Walters is the head coach there. He is a protege of Barry Odom.

Nichols had hit his ceiling here and Cam Ball looks like Arkansas’ immediate future at that position. He is not going to be an NFL player, so he is using what will most likely be his final year of football in a new place, getting a different experience — the same as some other players who left.

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So do you think Odom told the players about Walters or told Walters about the players?
And if Brown could not play here, not that he got much of a chance, why do they think he can play there. The Big 10 is not Conference USA.

I think players are looking for a good fit and there are a lot of similarities between Walters’ and Odom’s defenses. Jalen Catalon looked at Purdue, too.

Don’t forget that Sam Carter is at Purdue now. He knows about all of those players.

It is funny that they do not have him on their website. Get with it!
Thank Matt. My name is George and I am curious about everything. :slight_smile:

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George, having grandkids, we like it :smiley:

I have always been very curious about things and I was not until later in my life that I put to two things together and realized I was a human Curious George. I even love bananas. I don’t fling anything though.
Sometimes I post things on here and get a negative reaction that I even brought it up, but I really do want to know and am not, usually, making trouble. My mind just wants to know.

Too many changes to keep track of… but it seems when Carter left, it was because he either too mean, too tough, a disruption, ineffective, was run of by Sam, hated by the players, or various other reasons.

Now, wherever he is, our players are drawn to him, loved him and his defense, will transfer out to play for him.

No idea what to make of the whole deal. Guess it’s maybe somewhere in between.

Well Carter is on his 4th team in 5 years if that says anything.

As I posted in a previous thread, those boys can enjoy the $hitty winter weather, bitter cold, and snow in Muncie, Indiana.

Im typing this from personal experience of 7yrs in Central to North Central Indiana living there.

If a polar vortex comes thru that region, wind chill can go as low as -45° which sucks. I also hope they learn to drive on at least 1ft of snow as I had to in 2014, with no experience at the time.

Indiana is a fine state, but I couldn’t be more excited to be back in my home town of Hot Springs.

Now the Great Lake Erie effect of snow i received in NE Ohio last February prior to moving back to my home state can go pound sand!

3.5 feet of snow in one sitting sucks.

Ball State is in Muncie. Purdue is in West Lafayette; however, your point is taken. They will experience real winter.

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Se damn place…I had a lot of former co-workers from Muncie, so I got them backwards. My apologies.

Former UA baseball player Curtis Washington Jr. transferred to Purdue after he left Arkansas. He was on the 2022 roster but not the 2023 (current) roster. That makes sense since 2022 was his junior year of eligibility (according to the link below). He started in CF for all 50 games last year for Purdue. It is good to see him get playing time (he loved being a Razorback). He had a one-year stop-over at an Indiana JC between Arkansas and Purdue.

Washington was drafted by the Mariners last year.

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