The Problem in a Nutshell

Of course there are many problems and many fixes required, but the last two plays when AR had the ball trying to go ahead late in the game stood out to me. It was 3rd and long in close. Have to make a play. What happens? The left guard makes a perfect bull fighter move letting his man have a direct route to the QB for a sack. Now it is 4th down and longer, but a play can still be made. What happens, the right gaud becomes a bull fighter and down goes the QB. Game over for the want of decent protection (no way to know if the passes would be completed, but they certainly will not be with the QB being sacked.

Broken record, but until he gets some real Olinemen who have just a little clue, drives and games will finish like this. Simple as that.

Now the other side of that question is do those two linemen not receive the coaching they need to be real linemen and not bull fighters? That I do not know. Either way it is not their fault. If they lack the ability, they should not be there. If they lack the coaching, it is not their fault. Whatever the reason, they will not win at any level until that is fixed.


We knew going into the season the OL was our weakest link. What is most surprising is how weak our DL has been. Additionally, to my knowledge, we don’t have a single OL commitment.

Gosh, we need some miracles to turn around the program. And it all starts at the LOS.


My greatest concern regarding this staff was and is the inexperience of the OL coach which Is the most important assistant after the DC. He doesn’t have a reputation of developing players to recruit with. Instead of hiring a new HC spend up to 1M a year for a OL coach with recruiting connections. With just an average OL we would be 5-1 right now.

Better add another 1.5mm to fire the DC and then three year guaranteed $ to hire a top notch DC.

Defense cost them against Kentucky and San Jose games with 4th Q collapses

Pittman is supposed to be gonna retire to Hot Springs but do you think he would leave Georgia for 1m a year to coach OL here? Hell no. Herb Hand, etc. are not coming here. The Broyles method was always hire the up and coming assistant and let them fly. Fry needs some recruits. Cunningham seems to be a good get as is the right guard. Where is the other Juco OL? Was he a take to get Cunningham? Would love to know how good we would be with Noah Gatlin and Luke Jones out there. That comes next year.

Ole’, bull fighter reference is priceless! WPS

They have 2 point plays in the playbook. Those usually call for a quick pass. When you are in position late in a game, you have to know that the defense is going to blitz hard since they don’t need as many players to cover the zone area inside the twenty, compared to when you have the full field. That said, any play called has to be a quick release, like the 2 point plays. You can’t wait for a play to develop, like we did against A&M in the last play. They have to have a mentality that you get 5 yards each play and you’ll eventually score. That takes some of the pressure off this inexperienced O-line. Maybe they need to use JSJ or Jefferson inside the 20. Couldn’t be any worse that what Hicks and Starkel have done.