The primary difference between this game and 42-11 in 1981

In the 1981 game, Texas essentially self-destructed. I think they had 6 or 7 turnovers, including some that led to gimme TD’s for us.

In THIS game, we just whipped them from virtually beginning to end. In fact, if not for some major error on our part, they don’t score 2 of their TD’s.

THIS was satisfying.


Seven turnovers – four picks and three lost fumbles in '81. And they recovered three more of their own fumbles.

I was there at the 1981 game and all I remember at this point is it was awesome to witness that. And tonight was too.

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It was very satisfying- yes it was

Old fashion whipping.

This team has more quality linemen. Both offensive and defensive lines are much better. This team may not have running back stars like McFadden, Jones and Hillis, but they have great young backs with speed and power. I think this could be the best defense since Monte Kiffen’s during the beginning of the Holtz era.

Yes. We just beat the crap out of them tonight. I thought when we muffed that punt & they got it, we were about to see a blowout by TX. We dodged that bullet and from that point on we just kicked ass.

I think we have a good team. Now I feel good about getting 7 wins. I don’t know how good TX is, but I bet they’re better than 4 or 5 of the teams we play.

Greg McElroy talked last night about Stromberg having to play as an undersized kid. Now he’s the preseason all-SEC center and playing like it.

So now you’d have to think we run the table in NC games. That’s four wins (the stumbling point is Ga Southern on Saturday). Only takes repeating our three SEC wins last year to go 7-5.

About that stumbling point: Florida State lost to an FCS team last night for the first time since 1959, and it wasn’t even a good FCS team. So anybody can beat anybody. Where is that Mike Norvell fan club anyway?

@SwineFusion last I heard they were in Tunica at the craps table.

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I just got the details on the Florida State game. Jacksonville State threw a 59 yard touchdown pass on the last play of the game to win. Wasn’t a Hail Mary either; guy caught the ball about the 20, cut back and scored.

How 'bout them Seminoles? :rofl:

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