The price for Beard went up overnight

I’ve said the same thing a few times.

Winthrop and Wichita ain’t Arkansas.

I took a list of names that have surfaced for our job (“name” coaches), even if it’s far fetched like Few, or serious contender like Sampson. I took their avg win % and extended it out to 26 years (Sampson in D1), number of tournaments they’d make in 26 years, and number of times they’d make it to at least the SS. I included Mike in my list, because we are supposed to be upgrading.

Using Mike’s averages over a 17 year career extended out is:

Anderson - 573 win (65%), 14 NCAAT (53%), 3 SS or better (22%)

The rest of the coaches:

Beard - 682 wins (75%), 20 NCAAT (75%), 10 SS or better (50%)
Sampson - 541 wins (66%), 15 NCAAT (57%), 4 SS or better (27%)
Buzz - 550 wins (62%), 20 NCAAT (75%), 10 SS or better (50%)
Marshall - 618 wins (72%), 17 NCAAT (67%), 2 SS or better (14%)
Martin - 536 wins (61%), 11 NCAAT (42%), 4 SS or better (40%)
Few - 750 wins (82%), 26 NCAAT (100%), 12 SS or better (45%)

Another name, but he has 34 years as a D1 coach:

Huggins - 788 wins (70%), 24 NCAAT (71%), 9 SS or better (38%)

Pay attention to Sampson vs Mike, I still don’t see much of an upgrade.

Edit: Being fair neither Sampson or Huggins averaged the same number of games per year as Mike.

So Sampson’s wins would be 583 and Huggins would be 809

Edit 2: other names I’ve heard extended to 26 years

Mick Cronin - 593 wins (68%), 18 NCAAT (69%), 2 SS or better (9%)
Eric Musselman - 715 wins (76%), 20 NCAAT (75%), 7 SS or better (33%)
Fred Hoiberg - 595 wins (67%), 21 NCAAT (80%), 5 SS or better (20%)
Jaime Dixon - 644 wins (71%), 20 NCAAT (75%), 5 SS or better (25%)
Porter Moser - 433 wins (52%), 2 NCAAT (6%), 0 SS or better (0%)
Matt McMahon - 566 wins (67%), 13 NCAAT (50%), 0 SS or better (0%)
Earl Grant - 525 wins (61%), 5 NCAAT (20%), 0 SS or better (0%)
Thad Matta - 673 wins (74%), 20 NCAAT (76%), 9 SS or better (42%)

Frankly, I think message boards, not matter coaching search or not, bring out the worst in all of us, including me. I don’t think I am much of a ass on here (I would prefer not to debate that please :smiley: ) but if you knew me in real life you would see that I am just frankly not an ass at all. I am frankly too easy going for my own good.

It is a documented fact that social media in general makes us show more of our “dark side” (and we all have it, even the best of us). Add in anonymity and it is even worse.


Yep, agree with that assessment.

However, I will say that I used to tailgate with online friends at RRS and WMS. It’s how I know Marty and Fred among others; we could disagree but we were still friends. But there are plenty of people here I have no interest in meeting, much less tailgating with them.

I understand completely. That said, the idea of having a tailgate so we can actually see that the person we disagree with does not in fact have horns and/or regularly kills and eats small children is not a bad idea! :smiley:

A few of the people around here would make me nervous around small children… :shock:

Greghog comes from good blood! I was blessed to play golf with his dad a few times. He was a great MD. and good guy!

Thank you Jerry, do I know you???

I see no reason Chris Beard would leave Texas Tech.

Kinda tired of reading this continued line of reasoning. Beard will leave for the right price. Is Yurachek willing to pay it? That’s the question.

Or, should I say, are the big money folks willing to pony up the cash that will get Beard to Fayetteville?

No, contrary to popular belief, this is the exact same situation as the FB coaching search. Option 1, 1A, 1B, 1C, 2, 3, 4 is Kelvin Sampson. That is the only guy on HY’s radar. If Fertitta matches what AR is offering and he is indicating he will, we will be stuck with a last second, hmmmm… hire. Hopefully that guy becomes what we want him to be.

Greg, I don’t know you personally. I know your family. Your dad gave me my physical to start to work in 1974 for AT&T. I’m a Paragould guy. My wife and your sister Denise graduated high school together. I’m several years older 66.

It will take more than $4m