The price for Beard went up overnight

you would think. At one point in that game I was wondering if Michigan would get to 30. The Texas Tech D is outstanding…and what’s crazy we should have beat them at their place.

What is his agent going to ask for…5 mil per? Any idea what he’s making now? I would assume Tech is going to double it to try and keep him.

I guess we are going to find out how serious we are about basketball in a few weeks. If we don’t want to pay 4 mil per than its going to be an up and comer. I would have never let CMA go to take a chance on a up and comer.

I believe someone on this board mentioned Beard makes around $2.8 mil/yr.

From what I found he is currently set to make $3.1 mil at TT, I don’t know if that includes incentives, but that was the number I found

Edit: Article from a Texas site states he starts off at $2.8 and it gradually increases through the end in 2024. So, if they want to keep him, he’s probably going to get some money, especially if Texass enters the picture like is being speculated.

Edit 2: that was May 2018. Before that he was making $1.5 per year, so they basically doubled him last year. If they double him this year, he moves into 4th.

Someone mentioned AR paying Top 5 money, the rumor was AR would pay $3-4 million. The $4 million would put them at #5 just ahead of Izzo. There are rumors that possibly $5 million is in play. Would put the new coach at 4th unless Beard gets doubled again

Hey Baked…any way you think we go to 5 Mil? I just don’t see that happening. You talk about having a target on your back. If you pay 4.5 to 5 you have to get someone that none of us are thinking of.

To me it looks like KS or bust.

I hope in my lifetime we see Arkansas pay top 5 money for top 5 expectations.

that Beard is not a great coach, and only us “fanboys” are impressed by him. Since not many ADs are “fanboys”, they are sure not to “drool” over him, so we should be able to hire Beard on the cheap!


Never fails. Coaching searches unveil people’s true character on this board. Or lack of it.

Yes, I can see $5 mil if the Bleacher Report story about Few is true, the BOT and HY would be stupid not to.

Pay whatever he wants! If Few is wanting to make a move, just meet his price. Same with Beard.

This is the most important coaching hire in the history of our program. Literally. I hope HY understands this. And the boosters!

Seeing AR supposed now at $4.5 for Sampson. Looks like he is option 1 and there isn’t a 2. Can’t say I’m surprised based on The Gus Bus situation.

The win at all cost folks have come alive!
I don’t want a scumbag leader our Hogs!
Throwing money at a coach to get them accomplishes nothing. Find a good coach and let them earn their raises.
Coach Mark Few would be one coach you might be able to justify paying top money too!
Don’t sell your soul to the devil to win a darn basketball game!

If we are paying 5 million, Donovan has to at learn turn down a long term offer with that price

I think they put all their eggs in the Sampson basket. I really do, same thing that happened when they fired Bret. All the BOT knew Gus wouldn’t turn them down, even if he got a similar counter offer. I think we are seeing that with Sampson now. Bet he ends up with a HUGE raise and stays at Houston, Beard ends up a Texas, Buzz ends up at aTm (supposedly he was never considered), Few stays at Gonzaga, and we get Frank Haith (hey he was good enough for Missouri when Mike left :roll: )

Just reaching a little(or maybe a lot) but I really like Frank Martin. He wouldn’t be my first choice but if we lose out on the above group I think he should get a look. Bob Huggins…?

I could see Gregg Marshall looking to bail. I’d suspect he’s plan C in your, very plausible, scenario.

Huggins is at his alma mater

I wouldn’t complain about Huggins. Frank Martin, no. One NCAAT in 7 years in the SEC. we know what he would accomplish.

Past the round of 32 twice in 21 years as a coach. But he’s been to the NCAAT 14 times, the NIT 3 times, and the CBI once. 18 post season appearances in 21 years. Pretty good

11-14 in NCAAT
8-1 in NIT (2010-2011 Champs, going to NY this year)

I thought going to NCAAT means nothing right now if you don’t make at least Sweet 16 at a high frequency. Plus that is not contending for title.

I see no reason Chris Beard would leave Texas Tech. He has it rolling there and if you look at his track record, that’s the area he’s from now. It seems to me it is his destination job, like Arkansas was for Mike Anderson when so many big schools were making a run at him.