The preseason AP top 25 is out

Here is the top 25 and a look at the teams receiving votes:

Nowhere to go but UP! :point_up:

Kentucky (10) and Tennessee (12) are Arkansas’ only opponents that are ranked.

LSU, Alabama, Florida and Auburn are all receiving votes.

If I take off my “rose colored” glasses, I can see why we are not ranked or even getting any votes. On paper, it looks like we should expect a big decline in basketball. Didn’t we lose over 80% of our scoring from last year (and we weren’t ranked then)? We had a top 10 recruiting class, but no 5-stars. We got 3 nice transfers, but only one proven Power 6 player.

It does bother me a little though, that the SEC is not getting much respect from the AP pollsters. That will make it very difficult for the Hogs to get into the top 25 before about mid-season. With our OOC schedule, 8-0 won’t get us there. We will probably have to win at Aub and at TN (not likely) in our first 3 SEC games to get there.

Personally, I believe this team will be a top 20-25 team, but I understand why the pollsters don’t believe that. We’ll just have to prove it to them.


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