The Power 5 teams never to play Arkansas … y-power-5/

Arkansas is 1-7 versus current ACC schools.

I didn’t double-check this, but I think this is the record vs. each conference:

ACC: 1-7
Big 12: 167-149-6
Big Ten: 2-8
Pac-12: 3-7-1
SEC: 169-190-8

If my math is correct, Arkansas is 345-359-13 all time, which means they have only won 48.1% of their power five games. :frowning:

It’s depressing to see all those losing series records

It took us a long time to get over .500 against the SWC, which covers most of our record with current Big 12 teams, plus of course Rice, SMU and Houston, which are not Power 5 schools now. Even against Rice, we’re only 35-29-3; SMU is 37-31-5; Houston is 12-6.

Add those in to the 345-359-13, we get over .500 against present/past major conference schools – barely. I get 429-415-21.

I had the same thoughts when I saw those records and wondered why as a program we think we are near the top of the college football elite all the while playing in the toughest conference in college football. Seems we are about where we always have been and should be. More depressing to think we were equal to Alabama until the past eight years—our only hope is long term plan with Coach B given the groundwork he has laid and hope that we catch same fire that Va. Tech did with Frank Beamer. That is not the formula of patience in today’s world. Sure glad we won that one game with Nebraska when it counted the most.

People forget (or aren’t old enough to have ever known) that Arkansas was a “basketball school” in the old SWC in the '30s and '40s. If not for a car wreck that killed and injured UA players in 1944, the Hogs might have won a national championship that year. Because of the accident, Arkansas pulled out of the NCAA tournament. Its replacement, Utah, won the thing.

The turning point for Arkansas football was the Powder River Play to beat Ole Miss in 1954. From that point on, Arkansas became a factor in football. And of course, then Frank Broyles came along.

Folks should also know that SMU and Rice were significant football powers prior to the 1960s, which is why those records aren’t as lopsided as one might think they should be. Rice was so good in the 50s that it built a 70,000 seat stadium in less than a year to accommodate the expected demand for tickets. It never really materialized, but Rice still has that mammoth stadium on campus, with the capacity reduced to about 50,000.

But lost one to LSU 12 months later that would have given us back to back. Kinda like hoops did with UCLA in '95.