The positives from yesterday's loss

Shaddy came out and got a couple of big hits. Heston came out of his mini slump.
Campbell looked pretty good for 4 innings!
It’s not the end of the world!

i was very impressed with Campbell,don’t really know what happened in the 5th but when we get our full bullpen back and he can give us 6 inn we will be fine,he was very shape and yes Shaddy is the most improved player on the team just has a great approach at the plate

I think 5 would work when everyone is back. He gets us through 5, you can bring in Loeske, who could pitch the 6/7 innings, then bring in Reindl for the 8th, then Cronin as the closer. I know we got several guys that could work at least one inning for us, but if our starters can get us to the 6th, those three I mentioned should be able to close it out. Now if our starters can go deeper it’ll definitely save the arms of those three. JMO, however.

Bake I think you hit it right! I really like the 3 you mentioned out of the bullpen! Just maybe the starting pitchers can get deep in the game but Sunday was a repeat performance of Saturday. Murphy stayed in a couple of batters too long too. The errors caused the whole mess but he should have been out of the inning.
With a full bull pen we win that game Saturday.
We do need to win 4 more of these last 6 games I agree.