The Pop Up?

In terms of difficulty on that play out of 10 being hardest I rate it a 5. Cole’s ball all the way. Only reason I say 5 is the situation. Opinions?

As Paul Harvey would say, here’s the rest of the story…( for you young people, he was the greatest man alive)… You only get one chance to kick a giant’s butt. Here you are on a six foot ladder on the top rung with your leg and foot swinging with your eye directly on his butt , on your last swing you fell off the ladder and guess what, The giant kicked your butt all the way back to Arkansas …… As I said in an early post, The best team gets the win…

about a 5 for Shaddy and at least a 7 for Gates. Wind from double decker stadium puts late movement on the ball, but was easily catchable for RF watching drift head on rather than from side. Optics for stuff like that are multifactorial including backdrop and glare,but watching the drift was easiest for Cole.

Glad you brought those things up. All of us talking about an easy popup don’t really know exactly what was happening to the ball or any of the other factors that went into that situation. The play might or might not have been difficult, but sitting in front of our TV, we know it’s easy for us to say what they should’ve done. Thanks.

And, yeah, Cole probably had the best chance, but everyone of them wanted to make the play & were watching the ball, not each other. I just have a hard time criticizing anyone who is giving effort.

I’m sure the adrenalin was flowing for all three players. It was almost like who was going to get to finish the game. When that ball hit the ground, the Baseball Gods said, “That was your chance, boys. You ain’t getting another one”.

This is still one of best teams the Hogs have ever fielded. It was a fun season.


Cole’s play to get and make, but gates had made catches that were harder.

If only…