The players are

planning to arrive in Fayetteville next week for the start of workouts. It varies from player to player with May 31 being the latest.

The freshman find out tomorrow when they’ll report.

Yurachek said yesterday that the freshmen won’t report until at least July 1 because residence halls are closed.

Good news :+1:

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Two freshmen told me they’ll report June 30.

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I’m assuming this info discloses how the SEC ADs voted today. Hope that the vote tomorrow by the PTB at each school confirms it.

While it is still just a plan, it does look promising!

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Word is the staff will have zoom meetings with the parents tonight and next week. It will be interesting to see if all the players come back. I would bet some parents are more nervous than others.

Do you quarantine guys from Louisiana and any other hot spot? I’m hearing that’s a possibility.

I’d say taking a covid-19 test and checking temperatures on a daily basis would constitute a fairly reliable safeguard at this point.

Nobody has the resources to take daily tests at this point and time.

Expensive and not practical. I wish we had that kind of testing ability. We don’t.

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They should be able to do the tests. The Serology test confirms if you have Covid-19 virus and costs between $10 to $20 per test. I would assume if the right purchasing mgr is involved they should be able to get a test for $10. Considering 130 players & staff then $1,300 would cover cost for tests each day.

The Genome Test tells if you have the virus Anti-bodies. The Genome Test costs approximately $100. I would think the Genome Test would only need to be administered once, costing a total of $13,000.

I bet the athletic Dept. has the funds to pay for all the tests required, if not, it would be easy enough to “pass the hat” to raise $$$ needed.

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There’s another layer of about 100 who deal with the players every day, from managers, both students and staff, to those in nutrition and academics. The presence of antibodies, while good, doesn’t help you with the a symptomatic infected, until much later. I’m all for getting them back on campus and going to school and playing sports, but I’m not 100% sure of your numbers or costs.

Yes, I was thinking 350 for all around the team. That number might be heavy a little but not much. Caterers, academic staff, etc. I think just football related staff is 87. Add in secretaries and folks at Jones Center, another 50. Then four different caterers, another 50.

I bet the athletic department has the funds or could easily raise the funds (separate fund raiser) necessary for all testing even with a headcount of 350. $35k for initial testing and $3.5k for daily testing.

How many times should they test?

They will test them once they get on campus, now what test they use, I haven’t read. As to a Serology test daily, that will just tell you who has the antibodies working against the virus, so already have been exposed and possibly have exposed others.

If possible, they should test daily. It appears the biggest risk comes when there are clusters of people close together. It’s just impossible to play a football game or hold a scrimmage without close physical contact.

I’m afraid what we’re going to see is some football team having an outbreak within it. Might see several have one. Once that happens, I’d think their football season will have come to an end. Either that or a quarantine of them for 2 weeks—enough to cancel 2 games.

They are not going to test daily.

KL, it is not nearly that simple .

  1. We have no idea if antibodies are going to be protective of future infection. For instance, there are corona viruses for which prior exposure gives a roughly 2 year protection, others with nearly 10 year protection, and other corona viruses with NO protection from prior exposure.

  2. The false negative of our current “covid test” is remarkably high. The American College of Cardiology, this week, emailed us all some nice data. Been wondering about this and waiting for this forever, but as far as I know, this is the first data…

So in this patient population, they tested daily for over a week. Starting day of infection. Average time to symptom-onset is 5-11 days, with 5 days being most common.

Day 1, the false-negative rate is 100%. Wow!

By day 3, false negative is still around 50%

By day 8, the false negative rate is still over 20%!

So daily testing, and our current “test 72 hours prior to elective procedure”, are irrational. Letting emotion rule our behavior, not data or scientific thought.

I sure don’t have the answers, all I know for sure is that this virus stays ahead of all of us, and we are chasing our tails, still.

I’m also amazed at how low our infection numbers are in Arkansas. People in small towns are simply not wearing masks, such as the Benton Home depot yesterday. But our numbers are not bad.

And the college kids are remarkably resistant, if you don’t have college aged kids, then you simply would not believe how those kids have ignored this epidemic from the start.


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Nah, no emotional response, pure well thought out
logic. Maybe test at dawn and dusk, and three times on Sunday, just in case they went to church.
I think I should buy a few lottery tickets, I might win. We just might make it to the Orange Bowl and the Final Four this year.

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Then they should do it as often as they possibly can: every other day or at worst every 3rd day. This ought to be something the gov’t should pay for or at least subsidize. All of us benefit from anyone getting tested. I know it’s not practical or even necessarily important for people who are asymptomatic and have not been in large groups or exposed to a known carrier, but for people who congregate in large groups need to be tested frequently. Football teams, factory workers, etc. fit that category.