The plan is to

add one more to the 2018 basketball class. With Arkansas bringing in Rashawn Fredericks, they obviously hope he’s the guy.

Should know something on him Monday or Tuesday.

Does that mean Mike is not visiting the Cooper kid in Elgin?

Just guessing but this can only mean they still think there is a good chance KG can get cleared right? Wouldn’t make any sense to at least go grab a big grab transfer if not.

Richard, you probably did not see my question. Mike had planned to visit Cooper this week. Do you know what the status of that is? If they are not visiting Cooper, it is telling.

I talked to his coach late Tuesday night and he noted that the kid is not sure he wants to come out this year and might find better options next season

LSU offered him sight unseen and has not set up a visit to see him.

Arkansas talked about Coach Anderson going up this week, but he has not scheduled a date yet and has not offered him.

Cooper is in no hurry to set up visits and has not moved in that direction yet.

I’m checking in with him again today.

I don’t think anything official has been determined regarding Khalil yet.

I’ve always thought they would likely give him two years to get the issue cleared up before making a decision.

That’s something I was going to ask, any reason to believe that might have changed - one way or another?

If he does decide to return to JUCO, would AR still consider him next year, obviously most of us think Gafford is leaving after next year.

I’m sure they would stay in contact.

Any chance we’d be interested in the Bama kid Braxton Key who just announced he’s transferring?

If they get Rashawn they’re done.

Any idea how the visit is going?

He left around 11 this morning. I traded DMs with him but he was about to take off. Dudley or I will have something soon. We hope. … sion-soon/

Gut feeling?

Don’t have one because I haven’t seen his eyes when he is talking on the phone or twitter.

That is how I can usually get a hunch.

The only thing I would say is that moving the decision to maybe Sunday might bold well for the last team he visited. … 536028002/

when I first met him was at my daughter’s school, Christ Presbyterian Academy coached by Drew Maddux he was known as Braxton Blackwell. There were three potential D1 recruits in school although Tyger Campbell was an 8th grader. Braxton B/Key was the star, Braxton Bonds was a great complimentary player.

I don’t think there is any way that we would interest Braxton. Last time I saw him was at a CPA football game last fall and he was feeling at home. Only SEC school that might be in the running for him will be Vandy. Will be recruited by the nation again. Great kid, smart as a whip and polite as can be asked. He loves Coach Maddux who encouraged him to go to Oak Hill to prove himself nationally: … /30364045/

Funny thing is that Tyger Campbell who was an equally prominent player had originally pledged to DePaul before signing with UCLA this spring. Just that DePaul derogatory stories piled up for our Darious Hall visiting. Tyger and Braxton were tight, so maybe UCLA has an in. … story.html