The pitch Mary Haff had working against DePaul … rformance/

Arkansas is set on the mound for a while. Mary Haff is a freshman and Autumn Storms is a sophomore. The Razorbacks could be a powerful team for a couple of years.

She looked good in the circle. I’m hoping they can add some west coast talent.
They are getting better

I found a preview of the Hogs from February on some softball site and it talked about Storms and sophomore Caroline Hedgcock as our top pitchers. Hedgcock appeared 25 times last year with a 2.84 ERA. She had a 10.50 ERA this year in only 10 appearances, but we didn’t need her. If she could get it back together for 2019 might be an interesting trio, and save some of the wear on Haff. We only had 20.1 innings this year that weren’t Haff or Storms.