The Payton Brown Senior Season Scoring Tour (column)

is coming to Northwest Arkansas.

Would like to know what those who’ve seen him in AAU ball think about his game against other college-bound players.

Dudley, have you seen him play? If you have what college level do you think he can play?

Yes, I have seen him play AAU, but not in high school.

But I am going to see where he is at this year during one of these four games up here.

Then I’ll offer up an more informed opinion

Thanks Dudley

Some of us remember Rickey Medlock back in the day…before he became an opthalmologist.

Not sure you were attempting to make comparisons, but growing up in the Medlock era and seeing him play in High School and college, I seem to remember as not a bad athlete. Do not specifically remember his speed, but my memory tells me he had a pretty good vertical. I remember him versus a decent sized Jonesboro team in the NEA event and I think he did some pretty strong board work versus Scott Bull and others. Not sure why Cave City was in same bracket of the tournament with the Hurricane, but my feeble mind seems to remember it this way.

He definitely could shoot the ball and seemed unflappable.

Rickey was / is about 6’2" and I wouldn’t think he was known for his “hops.” He was a 90% FT shooter, though.

Today, he is a highly respected opthalmologist in Little Rock.

Shared a barber with him until he went bald. Once in a while had back to back appointments and discussed post game thoughts after a Razorback game, both football and basketball. Otherwise got his post game thoughts from the barber. A big Nolan Richardson and Lee Mayberry fan. One of the nicest ex-Hogs I have met.

He had 59 points, (6 threes) 5 assists and 5 steals in a 85-71 win on the road

My concern with Payton Brown is that he seems to be taking the lion’s share of the shots for his team and consequently padding the stat sheet. His shooting percentages are good, not great, for his level of competition. But then, maybe he is heavily guarded. How will that translate to Power 5 competition? Does he have Rotnei Clarke type potential as a shooter and can he play the type of defense demanded at Arkansas?

Didn’t he average about 5pts/game on the d1 circuit last summer?

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