The Payton Brown Senior Season Scoring Tour (column)

is coming to Northwest Arkansas.

Nice article on Payton Brown, Dudley. Good shooters are hard to find. Guys that will shoot the 3, but should not are easy to find. Those guys are everywhere. I don’t know if we have room for him next year, but he would have been a great help this year. We have 2 good shooters from long range and a guy like Brown would be so valuable.

Jimmy Whitt who has been fantastic for us this year has been a huge surprise with his mid range shooting. He has been stellar. He has also been a great part of our success… Have you ever seen a longer set of arms on a guy his size? Where does he buy his shirts?

I’m wondering if he’s had a walkon offer to the Hogs? I’d sure like to see him there and having some kind of chance to earn a playing spot.

Payton told me he has not had any contact with the current Arkansas staff.

While he been contacted by the old staff, he had not been offered

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